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  1. I got the acceptance call today after being waitlisted from the 8/11 interview. I will most likely be attending! Can’t wait to meet everyone! Good luck to everyone still waiting!
  2. were you offered an interview before you finished genetics or you were only offered an interview after you submitted your grades? Thanks!
  3. Does anyone know if your application is put on hold until all prerequisites are completed? I have one course to finish but I just started it; will my application not be reviewed until I submit the final grade? Thanks in advance for any help!
  4. Do you mind sharing your stats? Thanks in advance!
  5. Do you mind sharing your stats? Thanks in advance!
  6. I am considering applying this year, do you mind sharing your stats/ when you applied? Thanks in advance!
  7. Does anyone know the average stats of applicants invited to interview here?
  8. Do you mind sharing your stats/when you submitted? Thanks in advance!
  9. Do people who received an interview mind sharing their stats? Thanks!
  10. Hey! I am in the same boat! When did you submit and do you mind sharing your stats? Thanks in advance!
  11. Do you mind sharing your stats? Thanks in advance and good luck!
  12. So reading these comments I kind of have an answer to my question but would like to ask it anyways. What about a long sleeved, appropriate length dress for interviews? too informal? I wore one to my first interview and was the only one in a dress. I also know for a FACT that I look better in a dress that a pant suit. Should I still do a pant suit? Thanks in advance!
  13. I also received an invite this afternoon for Oct 15! Anyone who has any insight on how the interviews are conducted, I would greatly appreciate the advice ?
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