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  1. I just withdrew my spot, sent an email 5 minutes ago. Best of luck to whoever gets off of the waitlist!! Sorry for the last minute decision.
  2. I just declined my interview for 04/05... hope this gives someone else the opportunity!!
  3. Thanks!! I applied September 1st and received the invite March 12th
  4. congrats !!!! how did you find out about the accreditation???
  5. recently received an interview for april 5th! super excited does anyone have insight into the interview format? seems like a pretty long day compared to some of the other ones i’ve had. thanks in advance!!
  6. Just to update those who haven’t heard back yet.. they created the facebook page 2 weeks ago and so far there are only 15 members. Sooo it seems to me that they still have half of a class to fill
  7. I think it went really well! My interview was the same as what gak228 described- 15 minute simple essay question followed by a ~30 minute interview with two faculty members. It was extremely laid back and you could tell they were genuinely interested in finding out about who I was as an applicant. Can’t wait to hear back, good luck to everyone else!!
  8. I've talked about this with some of the PAs/Docs I work with actually because I wasn't sure how to feel. I think the cadaver lab would be more of an interesting addition to our learning process rather than hindering what we gain overall. A few of the PAs said that viewing the anatomy of the cadavers is completely different from what you see in a living patient.. so in the end it didn't really improve their studies or give them an edge over anyone else. I've also heard great things about the model simulations from students that are using them right now.!! But still, would have been cool nonetheless.
  9. I realized after I made the page that it’s supposed to be a closed group instead ... so I guess I should delete it lol. Someone mentioned that a staff member was going to create a group for us, maybe once more interviews are finished?
  10. I attempted to make a facebook page so as everyone gets accepted we can connect. Hopefully this works lol! https://m.facebook.com/Gannon-University-PA-Program-Ruskin-2019-Cohort-2190417997883865/
  11. well hopefully we'll get to meet again!! fingers crossed for you and everyone else
  12. Thank you so much! I'm so beyond excited/relieved. They sent the email at 1158am, I interviewed on November 8th in the afternoon!
  13. I received an email today that I was accepted to the program!!
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