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  1. scribetopa007

    Gannon University: Ruskin FL

    i also had my interview today! they were pretty serious during the question portion, almost couldn’t read their faces..or responses. but toward the end they were a lot more easy going and engaging in conversation
  2. scribetopa007

    Gannon University: Ruskin FL

    as in right after you interview??? wow that’s adding a bit more stress lol
  3. scribetopa007

    2018-2019 Applicants

    Congrats!!! Around what time did you receive the email regarding being waitlisted?
  4. scribetopa007

    UF 2018-2019 Admissions Cycle

    I received a secondary review email on July 12th, haven't heard anything since, and was not given a "portal link;" is anyone else in a similar boat??
  5. i was one of the people that received an email regarding a letter of decision and still haven’t receiving anything in the mail.. super weird

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