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  1. CONGRATULATIONS! I’ll DM you so I can add you to the accepted students group on Facebook!
  2. Congratulations!!! There isn’t an official one set up by Rutgers yet but someone made a Facebook page for our class! If you private message me your name, I can add you to it!
  3. accepted this morning! if anybody has any leads on a fb group let me know!!!
  4. I was accepted with this prerequisite still outstanding! You just have to show on CASPA when you’re planning on taking it.
  5. I withdrew my app and gave up my interview spot today as I’m accepting a spot in another program. Best of luck to you all!!!!!!!
  6. ACCEPTED!!!!!! AAAA!!!!! they sent an email with a link to the admissions portal with the update, and then someone called a little while later!
  7. not yet, but i heard from someone (who heard from someone lol) that the first interview group should expect to hear back this week!
  8. Thank you! I applied on 6/15, with almost everything complete (LORs already submitted, 3/4 transcripts arrived, etc.), then received confirmation on 6/24 that my last transcript had arrived and my app was complete
  9. just got an interview invite, scheduled for 9/14!
  10. it was an email in past years so probably an email! ik, i've been checking my email every 5 minutes like a crazy person hahaha
  11. hey cheynya! i was in your interview group lol. everyone i've talked to who is a student currently said they all heard back the next week. it's super early in the process though, we were the first group interviewed so i don't know if we can expect such a speedy reply but i'm hoping it'll be sometime in the next week or 2!
  12. I was confused about this too, but I went with challenges faced at work. I feel like they wouldn't assume COVID affected all applicants' HCE/PCE, because plenty of people had it all done by the time they applied.
  13. I submitted on Monday 7/20, and it was due on 7/22!
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