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  1. cGPA: 3.64, sGPA: 3.82, PCE: 2,500, Shadowing: 150, Volunteering: 302, Teaching: 345
  2. Very, very high possibility! Grateful to have multiple acceptance so I’m weighing the pros/cons. I understand the torture of being on a waitlist so I plan to make a decision by Friday.
  3. Just got the call from CC, I’m in!!! I interviewed on October 27th and was waitlisted.
  4. I haven’t had a problem with my prerequisites being at a CC and I don’t know anyone who has
  5. She told me we’d receive an email on Monday for further instructions
  6. Did anyone hear back from the 11/4 interview?
  7. I applied June 26th. Not sure how many interviews they have left but they said I should here back in December. Stay positive! They interviewed pretty late so I’m sure they have a bunch left. And I believe I was the first round of interviews so there’s plenty of time.
  8. I had interviewed on November 9th. I got the invite on October 26th.
  9. Just received an email from the 10/6 interview stating that my app is under review!
  10. Anyone hear back from the 9/14 or 9/28 interviews?
  11. Don’t believe there’s any pa specific housing and most people live off of loans in pa school
  12. Hi all! I made an unofficial accepted students page on Facebook. I have a lot of questions and I’d love to hear some of your thoughts about the program as well. DM me if you want to join :) the name is LKSOM PA Entering ‘21 unofficial
  13. I received an email titled “Pace University - Supplemental Application Confirmation.” There’s a link in that email that takes you to the application fee. I believe I received this email after I submitted my essay.
  14. Hi, I was able to. After a you submit you’ll have access to a checklist of materials that are missing. My GRE scores arrived a day or two later. Good luck!!
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