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  1. I received the exact same email! Rejection as well.
  2. I had to call the tech people as well in order to get my ID & I paid my deposit on the MyRU portal. I haven't gotten any additional info from the program either!
  3. I got an invitation to interview last night around 6pm for the Oct. 17th interview day. I have been accepted elsewhere so I might turn it down but not sure yet!
  4. I never got the email to set up my account and I even responded to the acceptance one. I just called the Tech Support number and they got my account activated! Thanks @accpa!!
  5. My timeline is on the first page, I submitted late May and didn't hear anything until mid-July. Almost 2 months. I have an interview this Friday and they might send out more invites after that for a second round or something so just keep your hopes up!
  6. Also waitlisted today, from the 8/27 interview. Congrats to those that got accepted!
  7. Hi guys! After Lynchburg noted they had received my supplemental, they said the review process would take about 45 days. It has been over 50 days and I am wondering if I should email and ask for an update or just be patient and wait. Any thoughts?
  8. I was just offered an interview for this Thursday, August 27th! They sent the invite over email. Kinda freaking out because I have nothing prepared but super excited!
  9. No, I just replied to the email and asked if there is a Meeting ID we could type in. She sent this link https://sacredheart-edu.zoom.us/my/pryors3
  10. No, I have never had to turn on my camera! Sometimes others will be visible but I don't think it matters.
  11. Yes, good luck to you too! I'm excited to see how it goes.
  12. I chose 12:30 because I am not a morning person! I wanted to be completely awake lol When is yours?
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