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ILLINOIS: John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County /Malcolm X College

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    • No mam, no word yet! @AudreyPrePA 
    • Update: I got accepted at another PA program and so I cancelled my interview with MSM. Hope that opens up the opportunity for someone else. Good luck everyone!
    • Interviewed on Sept. 14 and received a phone call about an hour after the interview saying I was accepted! Really loved the faculty and atmosphere. Good luck to everyone interviewing soon! Don't stress, just be yourself. All of the faculty and people helping at the interview were so nice and personable. No need to be worried and stressed!
    • I think the article is using studies conducted with prelicensure nursing students (which means prior to being an RN - not NP) and extrapolating that to APRN education.  So it is focusing on APRN education, but has absolutely no data to support its claims.   My program used simulation, virtual case studies, standardized patients (real live people who let you practice on them (including pelvics and DRE/prostate exams...), etc, as did the medical students and PA students at my university.  This was in addition to 6 clinical rotations spanning 1.75 years (3 year program).   One commentary article written in 2016 that has not influenced accreditation in any way, shape or form (as I stated the 2019 CCNE standards were just released) is hardly a strong piece of evidence and should not be the cinch pin for your argument.
    • I just received an interview Invitation and also submitted my application prior to the July 1st deadline. Wishing the best to everyone waiting to hear! 

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