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I received the following email from CASPA about Malcolm X:


Dear CASPA Applicants:


My name is Danielle Di Silvestro and I am the Manager of Applicant & Student Services at the Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA). I am writing to inform you that John Stroger/Malcolm X College PA program’s application has been deactivated for the 2013-2014 application cycle until further notice.


PAEA has been notified that John Stroger/Malcolm X College is not accepting matriculants for the 2013 start class, and they are not able to provide information on if they will be accepting matriculants for their 2014 entering class at this time. For this reason, CASPA has deactivated their CASPA application until further notice for the 2013-2014 cycle.


We received this notification at the end of last week and are providing this information to you because you have either applied to, or have designated John Stroger/Malcolm X College on the 2013-2014 CASPA application. As of yesterday afternoon, you will no longer be able to designate the program when e-submitting your application.


For those applicants who have already e-submitted their application in this cycle, you will need to contact John Stroger/Malcolm X College directly regarding your application being honored, or for more information on their plan for matriculating students in 2014.


Per the CASPA Policies & Procedures, CASPA does not offer refunds to applicants under any circumstance, including cases related to a program’s decision to not honor submitted applications during the cycle in which they elect to open a designation. John Stroger/Malcolm X College elected to open a CASPA application beginning in April for the 2013-2014 application cycle.


For questions, concerns, or refund issues, you will need to contact the program directly at the information below:


Okechuku Oenyia




PAEA nor CASPA will not be able to provide applicants with any information regarding the program, or the program’s decision to not admit a 2013 start class. CASPA customer service has been instructed to direct all calls related to John Stroger/Malcolm X College to the contact information above for more information.


Thank you,



Danielle Di Silvestro

Manager, Applicant and Student Services

300 N. Washington Street, Suite 710

Alexandria, VA 22314-2544

(703) 548-5538 ext. 300



Does anyone know what's up? In the program closing or taking a year off?

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Well they were originally placed on probationary status.  I heard they had some issues with some of their teachers not showing up to class, among other things.  So I guess they were going to be reviewed again the following year and they didn't feel confident enough to pass so they withdrew their accredition.

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