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  1. I interviewed in nov and have not heard anything either. I believe they will let us by christmas. I am still playing the waiting game too.
  2. Have you heard any news in regards to QU's interview session on the 12th?

  3. To those who have been accepted, how long after the interview did you recieve an invitation? Did you recieve an email or snail mail?
  4. I was contacted by email, I submitted my app. the first week of september.
  5. Just got an interview invite too:=D:, I am soooooooooo siked. This program is my number one choice.
  6. nov 12, I applied very late so I am a little unprepared.
  7. I just recieved an interview invite, can anyone tell me what the process is like?
  8. Can someone review my narrative? I am willing to pay.
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