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  1. I'd pick a school that didn't require an 83% or above in order to not be dismissed. The stress of maintaining that has aged me very prematurely and is unnecessary.
  2. MedicinePower

    New DMS Program at ATSU

    The programs have different tracts so you can easily say "leadership" or whatever the tact was.
  3. MedicinePower

    New DMS Program at ATSU

    I'd just use "DSc" after my name which is entirely appropriate as DScPAS would give anyone carpal tunnel.
  4. MedicinePower

    New DMS Program at ATSU

    Why would someone do this and not the MCPHS DSc program?
  5. MedicinePower

    Is there an NP to PA bridge program?

    Holy ancient resurrectedthread, Batman!
  6. Can you be more specific? Does Texas allow a PA to volunteer at a summer camp without a CP/SP and yet have the normal scope practice generally found in primary care? Specifically can you link to any formal documentation which goes into detail about this?
  7. If possible can you give an example of a state which allows a volunteer PA without a CP/SP?
  8. There is some overlap between RN pre-reqs and PA pre-reqs (A&P 1 and 2 with lab, microbiology with lab, some psych classes) so why not do those for free and then pay for the rest at a local inexpensive community college like the rest of us do?
  9. If I did the MCPHS Doctor of PA Studies program I would use "PA-C, DSc" as my post-nominal. It might not be 100% correct to leave off PAS from DScPAS but I'll just say I have bad carpal tunnel.
  10. MedicinePower

    What's this in jaapa

    Six sets of post-nominals? OMG.
  11. There is a comprehensive discussion of PCS here:
  12. Quite the opposite- residency/fellowship specifically provides for additional autonomy. Ask any PA who has completed a residency and continues to work within the same system and they will tell you they function at the top of their license. A so-called "anemic" doctorate is the most appropriate one to pursue based on the expectations that a doctorate can provide.
  13. I'm still not seeing the benefit of the LMU degree for the reasons you stated and it takes longer and is more expensive than the MCPHS Doctor of Science. Additional didactic and clinical training should only occur if our license and scope of training were to be expanded.
  14. This doesn't answer my basic question: what does the DMSc degree permit a PA to do that they couldn't do before? What benefit is the additional didactic and clinical training to a seasoned PA? What is the benefit of the additional debt a DMSc student will incur? FYI, the MCPHS degree isn't "Doctorate in PA studies" but rather "Doctor of Science in PA Studies". I hope it can simply be shortened to Doctor of Science (DSc).
  15. What benefit is there to the additional clinical training the LMU program requires if it doesn't bridge us to MD-level licensure? I'm unsure what the benefit is especially for a residency-trained and seasoned PA. The MCPHS program seems to be the quickest and most inexpensive pathway toward a doctorate while not insisting it is MD-equivalent. The post nominals "DSc" (doctor of science) is a recognized academic degree while DMSc (doctor of medical science) can be confusing to even seasoned academics. I understand the proposed state law allowing DMSc-level PAs to practice at the physician level was defeated which is why I am hesitant to embark on a program which leads to a degree that won't be useful.

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