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  1. Those sample questions are appropriate for actual PA students, not pre-PAs who are trying to get into PA school. Again, no test of this type has ever been shown to predict success in the professional program and it is simply another attempt to squeeze money out of people. More and more medical schools are either outright eliminating MCAT requirements or placing less emphasis on them instead of more. Please just ignore the "PA CAT" and hope it goes away quickly. Sincerely, An actual PA
  2. I encourage no one to take this "PA CAT" test as it's clearly another attempt to get money and require testing which will be absolutely useless. The MCAT has never predicted success in medical school and is simply a ridiculous barrier and prevents otherwise exceptional would-be physicians from matriculating into medical school in lieu of someone who could memorize diels alder reactions slightly better.
  3. I meant for practicing PharmD applicants to PA school.
  4. Can you imagine a PharmD being forced to take pharmacology I, II, and III in PA school? They've already demonstrated their competency. Perhaps accelerated programs for PharmD->PA should exist.
  5. Aunt Val, you probably shouldn't become a PA. It sounds like you have too many arguments with the most basic parts of medicine. Best to find a different career path.
  6. I know of several EDs where every patient no matter what is presented to an attending who will stick their head in and say hi/bye. It's a billing thing.
  7. Please don't listen to the "advice" of some random person on the internet. Consult an attorney in your state who specializes in medical licensure.
  8. There are two records- arrest record and criminal charges record. Your arrest record will always be there even in the case where you're innocent of a charges and won the criminal case. I am not aware of anyone who has had their arrest records suppressed or expunged even is absolutely bogus cases. When people say "it still came up on my background check" they mean a record of the arrest for DUI showed up. Expungement or sealing of a record prevents the criminal conviction from being revealed but, again, the arrest record will still likely show up.
  9. I find this incredibly difficult to believe. The people who answer the phones are low level clerks and they *NEVER* offer legal advice, especially something which would be so harmful.
  10. Suggesting someone not take advantage of a legal provision to allow them to legally check "no" when asked about DUI conviction is an absolutely awful piece of advice. While an employer might find an arrest record and can likely use it against you a licensing board cannot. I worked for a police dept for several years and I know this system pretty well.
  11. This is one of the worst pieces of advice that has ever occurred in the history of advice giving. Please simply ignore it.
  12. For privacy purposes I'll refrain from indicating which program I went to. I will say that less than 5% of my class had any prior health care experience and a majority were students from the undergraduate college who entered the PA school through a linked program. It's time we stop pretending there are such major differences between PA and MD education and training and instead embrace the similarities.
  13. I strongly disagree with this. If I wasn't a med student then why did I do all of my rotations with MD students subjected to the same exact requirements and expectations of knowledge and skill?
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