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  1. I'd love to know their protocol for referring acutely to cardiology and not the ED. Are they able to go directly from UC to a cardiologist who has labs and imaging at their immediate disposal? If so then I can see the argument if the story is vague CP with no ST segment changes on EKG and otherwise unconcerning story for same day referral to cardiology. I doubt, however, that any cardiologist would appreciate someone with tearing chest pain radiating to their back calling to make a same-day outpatient appointment.
  2. From your perspective it may seem like a reasonable request but from the practice manager's perspective it's a ridiculous thing to even ask about. "He wants us to give him money to fly him out here for an interview? What?" I'm in the same exact boat as you insofar as having no money and buried in deep debt so I know how you feel but you need to realize that unless you are being recruited by a clinic/hospital you really should not ask them for anything prior to being hired, especially not money to fly you out.
  3. This is a huge red flag for any hiring manager. Unless they are recruiting you you really aren't in a position to request funds. You may want to look into a loan either from a bank or friends in order to help with finances for in-person interviews. Good luck.
  4. This is good to know. It seems this training institute will only let me audit (or observe) as I am not yet a PA. Since I am an EMT they will let me sign up under that certification and let me audit but I have to wait until I am an actual PA do the "physician extender" version.
  5. I'll check the ATLS website for more info. I think I generally understand the difference between observe (no CEU, no certificate of completion) and audio (maybe CEU, certificate of completion), but what happens when you audit and take/pass the exam? Edit: Course coordinator says no difference in the certificate of completion if one audits and takes the exam or not. I'll likely take it.
  6. Update: The training coordinator said I am allowed to audit ATLS and optionally take the exam at the end. My other option would be to simply observe. I don't exactly understand how auditing differs from observation. Anyone know? Also, in the event I audit and successfully pass the written exam what practical difference does this make, if any? Thank you one and all for your help!
  7. I have the opportunity to take ATLS in about 6 weeks through a site I've rotated at but I have to pay for it. This will be right when I graduate and am hoping to take the PANCE about 2 weeks later. Do you think it's "worth it" to go for ATLS so early in the game? The job market around me is very tight.
  8. I agree with all of this. I have been applying to residencies/fellowships but it seems my school graduates us a few months later than others which means I'll miss the July start and also not having taken the PANCE by that point. It's frustrating to need to wait a whole year to apply to/start residencies by which point I might be in a good job position with good money and good training and upward mobility. I hope and plan to do the EM boot camp courses (pretty much all of them) as well as all the various certifications (ACLS, PALS, ATLS, AMLS, etc etc). The Nova course looks interesting but they haven't graduated any classes yet so there isn't any data on how helpful it has been. Might you have other advice in the scenario where I'm not able to do a residency yet still plan on the boot camp + certs?
  9. As a soon-to-be PA hopefully going into emergency medicine I've been looking at various ED educational programs/boot camps, residencies, and the various certifications available. This all leads me to my question: does a general EM certification other than the CAQ exist? I ask as the CAQ seems to have some onerous requirements which might take a while to fulfill. Thank you. Edit: Is this program beneficial at all? https://osteopathic.nova.edu/certificates/emergency-medicine-certificate.html
  10. Ditto spam. I got ten minutes into it before I stopped. I simply haven't 30-40 minutes to answer questions completely irrelevant to the title change.
  11. I strong agree with you that the DNP degree does not provide any additional clinical skills or knowledge and it is a perfect example of degree creep. However if we are going to be be competitive with the NPs we need to upgrade.
  12. What good reasons do you have for making our degree a doctorate? I find that more of a barrier than anything. EMEDPA pretty much provided the perfect answer.
  13. I'd be in favor of "Medical Practitioner" if our degree can also become a Doctor of Medical Practice (DMP).
  14. Pressure of 75/42 but a HR of 64? Sounds like somone might have overdosed on their beta blocker or CCB.
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