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  1. Medical Care Practitioner is hands down the dumbest of all the titles (other than praxian). It's very odd to me that anyone would advocate for it.
  2. For a certification which is advertised to be good for 10 years this is confusing and dumb.
  3. I don't know why there is this odd 2 year expiration for something which is supposed to be good for 10 years. I can't see any good reason for this to exist and it's definitely not well advertised. This is yet another reason why we need to disband the NCCPA.
  4. "Medical Care Practitioner" is an absolutely horrible title (almost as bad as praxian) and I will refuse to ever use it.
  5. Setting up your own rotations? How is this at all acceptable to the accreditor of LECOM?
  6. I work per diem at an urgent care in MA. From everything I've read I am much happier at the UC then at minute clinic where I would have to do all my own intake, cleaning the room, swabs, etc. At UC the medical assistants and secretary do all of that which saves a ton of time. Plus the pay at UC is great.
  7. You are wrong, your logic is faulty, and yes I expect people to stay away. This story is a perfect example of why.
  8. One has to wonder why a nurse who is caring for such vulnerable patients is willing to ignore the CDC instructions of social distancing, etc. The loss of life from these sort of events are real and sad.
  9. Don't even think about practicing medicine without a collaborating physician and checking every legal box necessary.
  10. You're gonna be a year older no matter what. Take some time off to heal and recover from this surprise divorce and re-enter PA school next year with a clear head.
  11. It's everyone's business if someone is not wearing a mask and therefore spreading COVID19.
  12. We should make a spreadsheet of the DMSc programs, cost, and credits required. I guess we can also include the MCPHS DScPAS degree which is just a weird name but whatever.
  13. Those sample questions are appropriate for actual PA students, not pre-PAs who are trying to get into PA school. Again, no test of this type has ever been shown to predict success in the professional program and it is simply another attempt to squeeze money out of people. More and more medical schools are either outright eliminating MCAT requirements or placing less emphasis on them instead of more. Please just ignore the "PA CAT" and hope it goes away quickly. Sincerely, An actual PA
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