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  1. On a similar note...I am from out of state, and 2 weeks ago received an email from my licence analyst saying they have all the papers. Now...I hear it takes 16 weeks for a temp licence and 20-24 for permanent...how true is that? Any recent experience getting the licence, and especially anyone from out of state? Thank you!
  2. Hello everyone. Here are a few sources I came up with while starting my first job search: doccafe.com indeed.com https://www.hospitalrecruiting.com (? mostly for MD's looks like) IAPA (in my case since looking primarily in IL) hound.com - NOT free :( Anybody else has good resources they relied on? Thank you for any ideas!
  3. Thanks for all the responses, I apologize if my question was not clear...I just wanted some ideas. And I actually ended up choosing something related to Vascular surgery. :) Dah... To charlottew: by NO means I asked for anybody to do the assignment for me. Like stated above, just wanted some ideas. As far as my school, yes we have a 3rd year, and yes I am doing it in Vascular surgery. And yes, we have that assignment. Silly? may be...i just do what my faculty tells us to. :) Good day to everyone!
  4. Good day to all of you working PAs. :) If I may ask for your opinion regarding a hot topic in medicine. Any specialty would be appreciated as I am interested in variety of things (despite doing my third year of school in Vascular surgery!) Thank you to everybody who responds!
  5. Thank you!I thought I were the only person who thought some of the questions were ridiculous... :/
  6. Try examdriver. it is geared more towards end of rotation exams and pance/packrat prep. I am sure you can access it through your school (i.e. library).
  7. I echo the advice given before, if you really want your mom to see the school, do it after. But of course if you want to look immature and as though you are 12...please by all means bring her alone. Some things in life are meant to be done alone, PA school interview is one of them.
  8. I doubt you must have these flashcards to succeed. What you need is good memory and lots of studying.Regardless, you will need help caring for the baby. I think you underestimate How Much you will need to study during your first year. It will not be easy! I wish you luck.
  9. If you feel like you cannot do it even before you started, you are paving a road for failure. You already doubt yourself, and you have not even made a single step. Of course you are not alone...you are not the first one, and would not be the last. Believe in yourself, and go for it. A day at a time. Sometimes, that is all you can do.Good luck!
  10. Email you state PA association, see if they can hook you up with somebody. Good luck!
  11. I did not check that box when I applied...and still got in!
  12. Not that it is quite relevant to your post, but I would not agree to write a recommendation letter to someone who is shadowing me for a few hours... Just a side note.
  13. Just talking about organic chem...i did not find it all that difficult, but i can see why some people would. However, i will disagree that PA shool has more difficult classes. The didactic year is tough, but not because classes are hard, but rather a lot of information and not enough time. Well, just imho.
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