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Found 19 results

  1. So I finally got a job at my dream hospital!! I am currently working there as a Patient Care Technician/ PCT. However, I will be leaving for PA school next year. I really want to return to this hospital and work as a PA! The problem is that getting a job at my hospital is super competitive. Is there a way for me to ensure/ increase my chances of getting a PA job in this facility in the future? (Also, what do you guys think of requesting a absense of leave instead of quitting? Can I be able to come back to the hospital to pursue a higher position?) Thanks in advance!
  2. I have 2 Bachelors in Sciences. Bioscience & Medical Lab Scientist (Dual Degree) - Cum Laude Science Technology& Society (concentration in health and wellness) - Cum Laude My cGPA is 3.61 with a sGPA of 3.52. My PCE hours are as a PT aide at a rehabilitation center and working as a MA at a clinic for a total of 1,275. I have 200 hours shadowing a PA in internal medicine. I have 250 hours volunteering at a place of worship, where I helped prepare and served food to the congregants. I have 4 recommendation letters PA that I shadowed MD that i worked for A&P professor Molecular Biology professor I have received good feedback on my personal statement as well. I plan to submit by June 5th. PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT MY CHANCES ARE! I am freaking out!
  3. Hi everyone, just applied to 11 schools on the east coast. Wondering if I can get some opinions on my stats. Any thoughts are welcome! I'm an applied biology major with a focus in pre-physician assistant studies, and a minor in psychology. cGPA is 3.85 sGPA is 3.77 PCE will be about 1800 to 1900 hours by the matriculation. I've worked in a pretty intense environment at cardiothoracic surgery. shadowed 120 hours with a PA in otolaryngology. I've also been an anatomy and physiology lab teacher assistant for about a year and a half. I feel my personal statement was strong. I had plenty of help with it and I feel it reflects my skills and accolades very well. I also was a volunteer soccer coach and referee for a while. My letters of rec are coming from my nurse manager from patient care employment, the PA I shadowed, the anatomy and physiology professor that I assist in the lab, and my organic chem professor (Got A's both semesters with him in lab and lecture). Any constructive thoughts are welcome! Thanks guys!
  4. So i applied to a pretty sizable amount of PA programs in 2017. I was rejected by all of them. I’m reapplying this year and while it won’t be to nearly as many schools, I still want to know what I can do to make myself more competitive on paper. I graduated with high honors and GPA 3.8. I did about average on my GRE. I have two years of full time hands on experience as a medical assistant at a local doctors office. I have no vounteer work and other than CPR and BSL, I dont have any certifications. Dose anyone have any suggestions on how to bolster my application and make myself a more competitive candidate? Thanks in advanced
  5. Hello! I am on the edge of whether or not I should apply for PA school this cycle. I am a Junior in college, so this would be applying tpostart PA school a few months after I graduate. Cumulative GPA:3.88 Science GPA:3.91 I only have about 550 hours being a pharmacy tech, which these 2 programs count as PCE, but will be applying in May so will have about 750-800 by then. I have about 110 volunteer hours-some in hospitals and a hospice agency where I visit patients, as well as about 20 shadowing hours, which I will really try to increase by May. I started the Pre-PA club at my university, so I am President of that, as well as in honors at my University. I have a few other smaller leadership positions and some other honors for academics and service. I will be taking the GRE in a few weeks, so I don't have any stats on that yet, but I usually do well on standardized tests like that. I am definitely lacking in patient care, but I wanted an honest opinion on if the other things could outweigh that this cycle, as I don't know what to think. I would love to get in this cycle, but I am not sure if it would be a waste of my time. Thank you!
  6. Hello everyone, I will be applying to this coming cycle in April and wondered where I stand in terms of my statistics. My Total GPA is 3.27 and the prereqs are at a 3.21. I have worked as an EMT for an 911 company for 1.5 years and currently I am an ER Technician for 1.5 years. Overall I currently have over 3000 hours of paid patient care hours. I have been a volunteer at a hospital for 2.5 years accumulating over 250 hours. I am also expecting strong letters of rec and I am currently studying for the GRE. Thanks for your help.
  7. I'm relatively new to this forum and like some honest feedback. I will receive my Bachelors degree in Biological Sciences with a Pre-PA focus to get the necessary courses for some programs in the Spring. I will graduate with about a 3.1-3.2 GPA and a Science GPA of about the same. I understand I need HCE paid and unpaid and plan to accomplish that by gaining certification as an EMT. I think 2+ years as a EMT-Basic would fulfill that need with the addition of shadowing a PA as well as a MD. Also, I will need a good GRE score depending on the program. What are my chances with my low GPA and experience as an EMT i hope to obtain in the following years? Am I missing any opportunities I can use to strengthen my application to these schools? Thank you for the input and your time.
  8. There are a couple routes I could take to best prepare myself to become a PA and I'd like to know your opinions. A little bit about myself: 1. Currently a senior and will be receiving a Bachelors in Biology/Pre PA Focus in Spring 2017. 2. Will be shadowing a Physician soon for the remainder of Fall and also for Spring 2017 semester. 3. I believe I have at least 3 strong letter of Recommendation when I apply. 4. Currently 3.1 GPA, 3.08 Science GPA (Still have 2 semesters left to affect GPA). 5. Took leadership positions in my Greek Fraternity as well as Community Service. 6. Personality: Likable, good work ethic, genuine, sharp, leader, follows guidelines/directions well. Option 1: Become certified as an EMT and work for 1-2 years to obtain Hands on patient care hours. Then apply. Option 2: My college offers a 1 year No Thesis Masters Program where I would receive a Masters in Science. I believe I can excel and generate a more impressive GPA than my undergraduate, and possibly obtain more LORs or stronger ones. During this 5th year I would also shadow the same Physician as before. What are your opinions? Where do I stand in terms of being competitive? I'm trying to gauge what is valued more when applying to PA school. If you have any suggestions or aspects to try, please comment those as well. Thank you!
  9. Hello all! I was hoping to get an opinion or two as to my efforts preparing for PA school application process. First off, I am a medical rep that was blessed to have hands on patient time as a rep in the realm of sleep disorders and another opportunity to work as a rep with chronic lung disorders and neurological disorders that lead to respiratory problems/ failure. I am currently a rep for a home health company where I have taken that knowledge I gained and designed specialty programs for COPD/ restrictive lung disease patients, trying to reduce hospital readmission rates, and neuromuscular patients. So far I have amassed over 350 hours of clinical shadowing in the fields of Orthopaedics and Neurology. This fall I will be an intern / volunteer that is allowed direct patient contact at a local hospital. It is a yearlong program where I am rotated every quarter into a different department. The departments they would like me to consider thus far are Acute care, ICU, PACU and Surgery. I will also have completed 60-100 hours in the community working with special needs children and wounded warriors. I have a BA in Business and am just shy of an AA in Biological Sciences. My shadowing is still ongoing until they become tired of me. ;) My concern is my undergrad GPA from 15 years ago.....Its right at a 3.0 but there are some nasty marks scattered here and there. Thankfully all my sciences had expired so I could retake them and currently have a 3.5 science GPA with 3 classes left. I'm hoping that an admissions panel will be able to discern that I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life at the age of 18 while pursuing my undergrad. Thus, I had no passion for my studies and frankly worried more about the social aspects of college life than academic life but at 39 I finally realized what I wanted to do when I grew up and that ignited a passion within me. I know that is not a stellar GPA but was wondering if a panel may take other aspects into account like the fact that I am working a 45-50 hour a week job, taking 10 hours per semester while helping to raise two young daughters, one with special needs. On top of that, my wife is an NP in MedOnc and HemOnc, and due to the stress and demands of that field, has more than her fair share of MS exacerbations these days. :( At risk of sounding like a country song, I'm wondering if a panel will take into consideration that if I can pull a 3.5+ science GPA with all this going on imagine what I can achieve if I'm able to remove work from the equation and devote that time to a PA program. My fear is that my mediocre undergrad GPA will get my application immediately tossed into the garbage without a chance to explain! My family and I are prepared to move states in order for me to attend a program; whatever it takes. Will any of this help or be taken under consideration? I have not taken the GRE yet. Opinions, good or bad, are greatly appreciated. Suggestions as to how to continue to become a more competitive candidate are most valued as well. Thanks for reading my Novella!
  10. Hey Guys, I'm trying to gauge how competitive I am for PA schools. I'm debating on certain schools I should apply to as well (GVSU, U of CO, Cornell, Rosalind Franklin, Rush, Hofstra, Northwestern, Midwestern U of Chicago, Penn State, NYIT, U of Toledo, U of WI, and Yale). Male, MI resident, 24y/o, first time applicant, BS in Bio Overall GPA: 3.79 Science GPA: I know it's higher, but not exactly sure the # GRE: 155 QR, 151 VR, 4.5 Writing I have around 1200 HCE and I'm currently working full-time in an Intensive Care Unit. I have over 200 hours of physician shadowing, and I work alongside PAs on a daily basis. I have about 200 hours of volunteering I have great letters of rec. (ICU Manager, Prominent MD in the community, Science Faculty) I have been president of the pre-health committee; officer of biology club, in student senate, student athlete (helped start the first ever varsity hockey program in school history, and was the captain my senior year), I performed research in a cardiac unit (~150 hrs); multiple academic scholarships (one being strictly for health professions) I'm a first time applicant (24 yrs old) and have my B.S. in Bio. I was originally pre-med, but took a job out in CO thinking I would want to work full-time in something else. That didn't work out because I felt that the medical field is where I belong. Long story short, I came back to MI due to some family illnesses and am working as a CNA and loving it. Not the typical student. I am in the midst of my CASPA app and could some use some advice as to where I should apply if I'm competitve! It's sooo expensive and I'm saving my pennies for my apps! Thanks Everyone!
  11. I am a 22yr old who recently graduated from UIUC this past May. I have a Bachelor's in Sciences and an Associates in Arts from a community college. In addition to that, I am CNA certified. My undergraduate GPA was 3.22. For the last two years I have been working hard to raise my GPA, so one can see an upward trend on my transcript. However, my science GPA is still unsatisfactory and I am retaking classes this summer to raise it. Here are my stats: Current undergrad GPA: 3.22 Science GPA: approximately 2.67 CNA certified Patient contact hours: ~2500 hours working as a research assistant in Endocrinology department (helping Diabetic patients with medication) and experience working as a CNA. 300+ hours volunteering in hospitals.150 hours working in a Renal Dialysis clinic for 2 years now. GRE scores: VR: 150 QR: 145 I am debating if I should still apply for the 2016 cycle considering that my sGPA is still lower than the required minimum, OR I wait a year, accumulate more hours and raise my GPA while either working as a CNA or Scribe. My two other possible options are either pursuing a Master's or doing Nursing instead. I have a passion for both since my mother is a Nurse and my father is a retired surgeon. I would appreciate any input or advice you guys may have.
  12. Hello, This is my first post so hopefully I do it right. I have read numerous other posts and love everyone's feedback and interactions so I decided to try this out. I am applying for PA school right now. My application is about 90% done at this point. I am just wondering if there are any last minute things I should consider, change, review, etc. Here are some of my stats: cGPA: 3.45 sGPA: 3.11 GRE: verbal: 151, quant: 154, writing: 4.5 Direct Patient Care Experience hours: ~4,000 and still working full time along side MDs, DOs, PAs, and FNPs every week as a medical assistant at a Family Practice and Urgent Care Other Health Care Experience hours: ~500 4 strong letters of recc, 1 from an MD/owner of the clinic I work at and along side, 1 from a PA/owner of the clinic I work at, 1 from a science faculty member, and 1 more from a FNP I work closely with and have for the past 2 years ~100 hours of shadowing a wide variety of providers and settings ~2 volunteer travel trips including a week long trip to Tijuana, Mexico to build houses, and a 6week long trip to India to volunteer medically in clinics and slums ~about 30 other hours of volunteer work I have what I feel is a strong personal statement... I have a couple certifications such as phlebotomy, diabetes educator, MS clinically trained, CPR, emergency medical responder, EKG... What does everyone think? Am I a strong applicant? I am hoping to submit my CASPA application within the next 1-2 weeks. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much! :)
  13. Hi all, Just wanted to know if I have a realistic shot at getting into PA school. Is there anything else I should be doing to make myself look competitive? Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks! Major: Medical Laboratory Science with minors in Chemistry and Biology Overall GPA: 3.78 Science GPA: 3.68 Last 60 credits GPA: 3.96 I did not take the GRE and don’t plan to HCE: 6,000 + more (currently employed as a medical technologist) Direct patient care: ~830 hours doing phlebotomy at a rehab hospital, ~150 hours volunteering at a local hospital, ~30 bone marrow assist and preps Volunteer: Big Brothers/Big sisters, Relay for Life, Hershey Park, and my hospital volunteering as a Patient Care Aide. PA Shadowing: ~25 hours in general surgery and family medicine (I’ll be shadowing more PA’s in the future) MD Shadowing: ~115 hours (I tried to shadow in different disciplines including family medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, emergency medicine, internal medicine, and surgery) Licensure: Clinical Laboratory Scientist Certification: American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP), CPR/AED Certified Extracurricular Activities: ASCP Scholarship recipient, Primary Care Day participant, People to People, Treasure for Pre-Med Society, Completed laboratory leadership series, Serve on performance improvement committee Letters of Rec: An MD, a PA, and my college organic professor.
  14. Overall, I'm a bit older, mature enough, and smart-ish enough (I personally think? 3.7something GPA or something) to get into PA school. Lots of volunteer experience to show commitment to the community. 2000+ hours of PCE/HCE as a CNA. Thing is, I'lI have little to no PA shadowing experience when I want to apply to schools mid July. Obviously, I mentioned in my PS that I will continue to work as a ICU CNA and gather more shadowing experience as the year progresses, but could having barely any shadowing experience still make one a competitive applicant?? Because all the key aspects I mention about the profession in my PS (flexibility! balance!) are qualities that I've heard about but may only have limited experience observing by the time it comes to submitting my app in July.
  15. I was hoping you guys could let me know how many hours of shadowing is considered competitive? This particular MD that is a neurosurgeon is going to let me shadow him 30-40 hours a week for about a month. He said if I want to come in more I can. He is even going to let me *watch* him do surgeries. I will meet his PA and watch what the PA does during surgery. He also told me afterwards that he will let me talk to some other doctors/PA's in different specialties to shadow them as well and ask questions. I believe I will learn a lot. Is shadowing highly valued by PA schools even though its required or is it just a filtering out method? Are LOR's highly valued or just a filtering out method? I was also wondering if you guys think PA schools frown upon the apps who are under 25 years old. I am aware that some programs average age are 27ish and up. I do have around 2000 or more hours of patient contact. I was a (CNA) Let me know what you guys think. Thanks for the help.
  16. I got an interview at The University of South Dakota. Does anybody know much about that program? They have a good PANCE Pass rate.
  17. Hello All-- Are Malcolm X PA graduates as competitive as everyone else that attended big name universities? Now since there are so many PA programs offered in the state of Illinois, are graduates of the Malcolm X program at a disadvantage since the program is offered at a community college and they only offer a associates degree? I am nervous that after attending the program at Malcolm X ( if accepted) It will be harder for a graduate of Malcolm X to find a job compared to a graduate of a "big-time" program like Northwestern, Rush, Rosalind Franklin, and Midwestern.
  18. I've been accepted to two schools, one ranking much higher (and costing much more) than the other (on the News & World Report rankings). I have two questions, does anyone have an opinion about the rankings, and does the ranking of the school you attend affect your ability to get the "best" jobs after school? Are graduates from more "prestigious" schools more eligible for more desirable jobs?
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