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  1. I also received an invitation to be on the alternate list after my interview on Jan 28th. I was wondering if everyone who interviews at this point gets on the alternate list. Did anybody interview for an alternate spot and get declined? Just wondering how many are potentially on the alternate list Good luck everybody!
  2. Hi there! I just signed up to take the Doane Biochem course. Did you buy the book or just use the online Launchpad book provided?
  3. I just called and was told the interview slots are full at this time, and that the only way that would change is if someone cancelled their interview and then they would send out an invite to someone on the wait list. Not great news but also good to be informed on the reality of the situation. Best of luck to everyone who is in the application process at other schools as well!
  4. wow have you heard anything else Kyle T? Are you going to wait it out or apply to other programs this cycle?
  5. I’m in the same boat as far as receiving an interview and then have it rescinded. Do you guys think they’ll delay the start date or that we should just rule out this program ? I was really excited about this one. I want to live in So Cal ; )
  6. Thanks everyone! I just think it is a much harder choice when you are super practical (like me), and come from a higher paying job vs most PA students that come from a med tech job etc. where it is a no-brainer financially. This will definitely be a lateral move for me financially--maybe even a step down once you consider the loss of potential income for 2 years. However, sometimes you have to suppress your practical side and say "life is short--I'm going to follow my passions"...and with that mantra I think it is clear that I need to go to school. Thanks for all the input!
  7. Greetings All-- Asking for some advice here: I'm a 27 yo female and have been accepted to PA school that starts the end of this summer. The program is pretty affordable: 45k and with cost of living I'll be looking at roughly 90k in debt for the 2 years. I also just got a promotion at my sales job this year where I will be making between 90-100k. If it were you, would you: A. go to PA school now since I've already gotten accepted and gone through the hell that is the CASPA application. PA is something I've always wanted to do, and I know would be more fulfilling than sales OR
  8. Thanks so much for all the replies everyone! Any and all insight is appreciated! Also, it does seem backwards that there's so much more money in sales than for the actual providers
  9. Thanks for this insight Bruce. You definitely make some good points. I may be mistaken to think that once I'm done with the 25 months of school, it's all downhill from there, but sounds like the first couple years of working are also stressful as you're acclimating to a new job and adjusting to a higher level of responsibility. Important things to consider.
  10. This is great insight rpackelly. I have wondered if being a PA would be worth the emotional stress that would come along with knowing if I make a mistake I could kill someone versus what I do now. What if you're having an off day, or didn't get enough sleep the night before, and you make a mistake at the expense of your patient? Human error is inevitable, and this thought does scare me. However, I know there are specialities like derm, etc. that are perhaps less life-threatening but also hard to get into. I'm shadowing a derm PA in the next couple weeks, so hopefully I can get some better ins
  11. Thank you for the replies! I'm going to shadow more ASAP to get a better idea of the reality of the profession. Any body else with comments/experience please weigh in!
  12. Greetings All, Hoping for a little insight here from those who are PAs and understand the opportunities available today and in the future. I currently work on the business side of healthcare: I'm in business development for the corporate health sector of a hospital system. It's actually a pretty cool job: I sell things like onsite clinics, bundled surgery packages, etc. to employers to aid them in lowering their health care costs. Also, the pay is great. I got into PA school to start in May, but I'm having a hard time with the idea of leaving my high salary to take out student loans (
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