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  1. Hi Jacob, I know your post is fairly recent but have you gotten any input outside of the forum on money sources? I am also looking for something other than the NHCS and interested in primary care. I will be moving from Chicago to Washington. Feel free to personal message me. =) Thanks!
  2. Who all heard the good news today?!? =) Congrats to everyone that got in and very hopeful for those that are looking to take a spot!!
  3. Thanks for replying! Will do you be driving into town? I'm from Chicago, attended University of Illinois - Health Information Management. Currently work as a health advisory consultant but have experience as a medical assistant, surgical scrub, biometric screener and pharm tech. I'm looking forward to coming out to PNW, it's going to be my first time! Any insight as to what the interview day will be like? I wonder what the team building activity will be like....
  4. So glad to hear from another fellow interviewee! =) Are you from the area? What kind of background do you come from? I'll be sending my number via private message to both of you.
  5. The McDonalds sounds good. What kind of background do you guys come from (undergrad school/work experience/etc.)? Have you guys visited the school/met with the PA faculty at all?
  6. Hi! Sorry for the late response, I lost hope after a couple of days of not seeing any responses so I stopped checking! So glad to see someone who is attending! Friday would work well for me. I am not from the area though, so all I really know is that I am staying off of I-82 on Valley Mall Blvd. On a map, The road you said Starbucks is on seems nearby. I should be in town by 4 PM or so. Would sometime after that work for the both of you? I assume you both are from the area? Any insight as to what the day will be like? I am wondering what that "team activity" will be!
  7. Is anyone interviewing for Heritage University's PA program in February? I don't see any other posts for this school or program so hopefully all of us can touch base here. =)
  8. Hi Scott, I just found out about the program and unfortunately I am a month and couple of days too late to apply for the upcoming cycle! =( Did you end up applying this year? How has your experience been thus far? Do you know if many people applied? Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!
  9. The email didn't say anything about a masters program, in fact there was no explanation...
  10. Yup they're not accepting a class this year which probably means they're not looking to renew their accreditation. The official release of the statement will happen after the president of the school allows them to do so. This definitely stinks!
  11. He said that three weeks ago and a week ago. I don't think we are getting anything next week.... =\
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