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UTRGV 2019/2020 Application Cycle

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9 hours ago, davidgarcia105 said:

I submitted my verified caspa and supplemental application on 6/1 and have not received anything back from them. Do you guys have the same problem? Have you guys heard anything back?

I submitted 5/31 and was verified 6/6, I also have not heard anything yet so maybe they haven't started sending email correspondence just yet. 

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I've submitted both CASPA and the supplemental application, but the self service site just shows the status as "Applied". Has any one gotten any email saying that their application is under review? Am I missing anything? I received an email from UTRGV before submitting my supplemental application stating that they would retrieve any documents from CASPA. The email however did not state anything about being under review. It only mentioned not to forget to submit the supplemental application.

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On 6/1/2019 at 7:13 PM, kevkevkevkevkevkev2 said:

For the supplemental application which term do we select?

Hi! Were you able to figure out what term to select for the supplemental application? I have the same question and I’m not sure if to pick “traditional-fall 2020”.


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6 hours ago, iamplanetjanet said:

Has anyone not received the "Under Review" official email from UTRGV, but then checked the application status in the service center and it says under review by the program? I just checked and that's what mine says, though I haven't received official communication through email. 

I did not receive an official email but my status does say "Under Review."

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On 7/17/2019 at 5:09 PM, miche12x said:

Did you guys send your official transcripts to UTRGV? Somehow I thought that they would retrieve it from CASPA. 

Or is it something we have to send after we are invited for interviews or accepted  to the PA program?


When I got my application confirmation the email said: The UTRGV Graduate College staff will retrieve your documents from CASPA including: transcripts, personal statement, letters of recommendation, resume, documentation of shadowing, and completion of prerequisite coursework." 

However, I emailed  them about an update to my transcript (graduation status update) I got the message

"The admission specialist will analyze the information upload to the application. Make sure you send the official and unofficial transcripts."

So I sent another transcript anyways.

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