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  1. I submitted 5/31 and was verified 6/6, I also have not heard anything yet so maybe they haven't started sending email correspondence just yet.
  2. I am also wondering this as I just paid for my supplemental today... Was verified by CASPA 6/6
  3. I received two emails, both on 6/6 about my initial review, and then a "great job" email stating that I passed the initial review and would now be reviewed by faculty. Anyone else?
  4. As far as I know, they do accept them in that format. Mine were combined A&P courses and so far so good.
  5. I have my CASPer scheduled for 6/25 and submitted my CASPA 5/31. Good luck everyone!
  6. I am applying this cycle too. Just submitted my CASPA yesterday. Good luck guys!
  7. Just submitted my CASPA today! First time applicant
  8. I just submitted my CASPA today! Good luck guys!  first time applicant, UTMB is my dads alma mater for PA school so I’m excited to see what happens!
  9. I just submitted my CASPA and supplemental today! Good luck guys!  first time applicant, currently living in SA!
  10. Just submitted my CASPA and supplemental today! Yay!
  11. I am applying and I am from Texas! I have family in Alabama though. Best of luck everyone!
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