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  1. Has anyone heard back from the University regarding CASPER? Apparently they were going to require it (based on what they discussed during the virtual open house) but I have not received any communication on it from them formally.
  2. You will not need to do a CBC until you are formally accepted into the program. They have many applicants that they interview and only the ones that are accepted and in turn accept the acceptance will get the CBC. That is not part of the regular application in order to be interviewed.
  3. They will take everything from CASPA. Just be sure to apply and pay the $50 fee. If you get accepted, then they will ask for your transcripts, but the LOR's they will get from CASPA.
  4. Yes, that's right. You don't have to submit transcripts unless accepted.
  5. Hello all - reapplicant here. Submitted application May 19th, was verified today, May 20th. Valley native, only applying to UTRGV.
  6. I'm not so much concerned about shadowing as I have plenty of shadowing hours. Apparently I need PCH to improve my application which at this point feels impossible. I've been looking into ways to get certified to do literally anything in the medical field so I will message you for sure. Thanks.
  7. I am trying everything in my power to improve my application - applied for scribe jobs, volunteer positions at hospitals, inquired about additional shadowing. I'm having no luck as they're not allowing any new and/or non-certified workers for the time being for obvious reasons. I'm looking for ways that you all are improving your application since the cycle opens up this month.
  8. I haven't called, but I don't think it's ill-advised. You're just asking them for information that they need to provide to you anyway.
  9. They're only pulling from the wait list if spots open up, yes. If you interviewed and haven't heard back, it's probably a "no". I'm in this category. I've been anxiously awaiting my rejection email but haven't received that yet either
  10. Yeah. I personally think it's rude. Like all of us who have received nothing have had to come to the conclusion of a rejection just based on way everything has evolved ya know? Drawing from information here and there instead of hearing it directly from the program. It shouldn't be that way IMO.
  11. Thank you. Yeah, I don't expect this dog and pony show to go on much longer. It seems they've already sent out their acceptances and filled the alternate list. It would be nice if they had also already sent out rejections, but I'm sure they're in no hurry for that.
  12. I'm pretty sure that the students in the Enrichment Program do take up some of the 100 seats. Every PA program has to go through hoops to get accredited and secure a seat allotment. At my interview, I recall Chris Dennett saying that they are approved to accept only 100 students, but more than likely it will be about 92 to 95.
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