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  1. I don't mean to sound negative, but from my two rounds applying, it does not seem that they prioritize Texas Residents so don't let that discourage you from applying.
  2. Has anyone who interviewed for the extended Enrichment Program received an acceptance?
  3. I received only the email the you have quoted. No other emails. That's why I'm a little confused.
  4. Last year after receiving my rejection email, self service updated to "decision made - not admitted". No, yesterday I only received the "oops" email that was sent to everyone, but nothing else.
  5. To those who received emails yesterday that said they were unable to offer you a seat, did your status in self-service change or does it still say "Applied - under review by program"?
  6. It's nauseating. I emailed Mr. Joseph and Mr. Ambriz asking for some kind of update - I mean, are they really planning on sending out correspondence over the weekend? If they say we will hear by "the end of January" then today is the day. Mr. Joseph responded basically saying that I should have gotten the email saying we will find out by the end of the month and "thank you for your interest in our program." I am beyond frustrated. I am looking at applying for a third time and right now, having heard nothing but 100% expecting a rejection, I'm in a cloud of confusion and a bit of anger.
  7. I hope they offer me this spot lol -- I'm willing to take anything at this point. I'm looking at reapplying for a third time and it's seriously discouraging.
  8. yes, sounds that way. I think they're waiting to hear back from the ones that have been accepted and then send out waitlists if needed.. But definitely if you haven't interviewed they will not be extending invitations to interview anymore. I interviewed and haven't heard back so I'm taking it as a rejection based on the way the email was worded.
  9. I'm currently having the same conversation with myself but have yet to decide. It's a tough position to be in for sure. It's not over for us just yet!
  10. ugh. my heart sinks every time I see acceptances even though I'm super happy for you all!!!!! lol I'm impatiently waiting for mine. Re-applicant and I'm hoping this is my year!
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