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  1. oh wow. I'm assuming no one here has gotten one? I feel like we would've heard of acceptances by now if they were in fact sending them. Strange.
  2. I haven't heard of anyone being accepted yet. I hope they start going out soon. Last year they interviewed well through February, I believe. I can't quite remember - it's all a blur now (lol) but I didn't even get a "not admitted" email until April of this year. I hope it's not that way again. That sucked.
  3. They just started interviews a week ago. There haven't been any acceptances yet.
  4. All of the interviewees were in their home, whether a bedroom or even a dining room. From what I could tell, it was only the faculty that used the zoom features to change their backgrounds. I'm assuming it would be OK for you to do that as well, but sometimes those backgrounds are weird and finicky. I, myself, was in my bedroom. I set up an area with a comfortable chair and made sure my background wasn't busy or distracting. Dress as you would for an in person interview.
  5. I was verified in CASPA on May 20th, but yes, I eventually received an email months later from UTRGV that said I met all requirements and that it would now be reviewed by the committee, etc.
  6. Hey guys - So just like last year, they've asked us not to give out information regarding the interview process to protect the integrity of their program and the way that they conduct the interviews, which I totally respect as those of us who were the first group to interview had no idea what to expect. I can say the following: it will be over zoom, just as you were notified in your invitation email. They are very proficient at zoom so if you're worried about that process, don't be. It will be fine. You will get an email a day or two before with a link and a schedule. Prepare like you would for any other interview. Hope that helps.
  7. I received an interview invitation a little while ago so it's beginning!
  8. I wondered about this too. I don't think there's any way to extend interviews through CASPA. I'm concerned at how all over the place they are with this process...... this is my second time applying and last year it was not like this. I imagine they have a lot of adjustments to make due to the pandemic but I don't know....it's just so messy.
  9. "APPLIED - UNDER REVIEW BY PROGRAM" It will likely stay at this status until next Fall unless you were formally accepted and confirmed your acceptance. I was rejected last cycle and it was changed to "DECISION MADE" in early September when the program had already begun. It was showing as "applied - under review by program" even well after I was emailed a rejection.
  10. If they're in CASPA, then you're good to go. Last year I had to contact the graduate school directly because some of my transcripts were showing as "missing" even though I knew I had them sent. They had them but just had not updated the portal. The program pulls all your info from CASPA, so you should be fine. And no, no one has heard anything regarding interviews
  11. It seems that would defeat the whole "rolling enrollment" thing.
  12. Possibly. Last year they interviewed A TON of applicants - way more than needed it seemed. Maybe this cycle they're being more selective.
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