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  1. My suggestion would be to call at least twice every hour until someone answers. I had to do that to get an answer regarding something very important and time sensitive and I just kept calling until Mr. Dennett answered. I had emailed him and the admin assistant months before regarding the same issue and didn't receive a response until I called and called and called. This is equally important seeing as how you have a big decision to make.
  2. I'm from the RGV and I have small children so staying in my hometown where I have help and support through my family is the best situation for me as a PA student. I know that my success will depend partly on the help and support I have so It's not to my benefit at this time to apply to other schools, but I do see what you're saying. Maybe my situation is just different from others.
  3. haha! Me too. I'll never be more ready - it's just like OK when do I start? I think the waiting period is good to rack up more shadowing, etc, but you're completely right. When you give it your ALL on your first application, then where do we go from there? I've had relationships with the people who wrote me LOR's for over 25 years collectively. I know they KNOW me. This is a sucky part of the process. Relationships take time to build - I don't want just anyone writing for me. I just hear ya... totally hear ya.
  4. I feel you 100%. I put my heart and soul into my personal statement. Honestly, I think it's what got me an interview early on. I do have some unique experience, but it took me 3 months to write my personal statement! I have read that it's not a good idea to re-use the same personal statement. Ugh. This is why I'm asking others what they're thinking of doing in terms of the next cycle because I would have to start everything right NOW. I took my time with my PS and I had a lot of people review it and give feedback and that took time.
  5. How long are ya'll waiting until you start working on your application for the next cycle? I mean, in reality, CASPA opens up again in 3 months for the next cycle. It's been 4 months since I've interviewed.
  6. I interviewed on September 20th and still haven't heard back! I think by the end of this month, we will hear something.
  7. As the year comes to a close and the majority of us don't know if the boat we're in is sinking or staying afloat (lol), I want to wish you all a Happy Holiday. Hopefully we all get some positive news soon. I took a break from this forum for my mental health (for real though lol) and it came with a lot of perspective. We will all get to where we want to be one day! Everyone's journey is unique. You're a one and only "you". Ride the wave of this anticipation, frustration and uncertainty - it personally makes me feel so alive with something to look forward to!
  8. I'm down here for the long haul. It's home. I'll just keep applying til they're like OK ALREADY. I'm not out for the count this round yet but with each passing day I get a bit nervous lol
  9. This is actually the only school I applied to because I'm from the RGV and have all my family's support down here as I have small children. I think I may be one of a handful that is putting all my eggs into one basket but I'd also hate to find myself away from home needing my family while in such an intense grad program.
  10. Hi! I was verified on 8/7 which I feel is kind of late compared to when others were verified (June, July and some even in May). Anyway, I interviewed on 9/20 which was one of the earlier groups to interview. So yes, anything is possible. I've not been accepted or rejected....just in limbo
  11. Were you morning or afternoon? I was 9/20 afternoon. This sucks. lol
  12. They won't give you that information. Someone in my interview group asked how many they were interviewing and they said "It doesn't matter. It just matters that we're interviewing you." From what I've seen there haven't been any interviews sent out for November? I could be wrong....
  13. Ugh. I interviewed 9/20 and haven't heard anything back. With all these acceptances, it's not looking good for me.
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