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  1. In an email he said we wouldn’t find out if we got in until the end of the month when “interviews are complete at the end of the month”. The only reason I asked is because I got into a January start program which is pretty soon so I can’t afford to wait until March. However I don’t think I’ve heard of anyone else having an interview past 11/22
  2. Declined my interview for 12/3. Hope this opens up a spot for someone else!
  3. I got my invite yesterday morning, I replied 20 minutes later and got the last spot I chose 5 hours later
  4. if they are denied approval I don't think they will have a program at all.
  5. I will be flying in the morning and back out in the evening so I wont have any luggage. Did anyone get an email as to where we are supposed to meet or if we should bring anything?
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