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  1. Congrats! I interviewed that session as well, just wondering if students that interviewed either August or September have heard back after the later interview dates
  2. I applied late June and got my confirmation email around mid-July. I contacted the school of health professions since I have not heard anything since that confirmation email (rejection nor interview invite) and they said they are unable to provide any feedback. So we are on the same boat.
  3. For those who have interviewed, do you guys recall how many were in the interview group? I know this program has a big class size
  4. Congrats on your acceptance! How was your interview experience? Any advice or tips?
  5. Congrats to all those who received interviews. I chose October 21st since the earlier dates were already grayed out. Now I am guessing a slot opened up on the 14th. Does anyone know if we can change the dates after a reservation is made?
  6. Congrats! I was part of the PM group that interviewed on the 24th. I’m just trying to figure out how many students they’ve accepted or accept per interview round
  7. I received an interview invite to the NJ campus on 9/19 but will be flying in from out of state. For those that are local to the area, what airport do you recommend I fly to? I saw Philadelphia is closer to that campus than Newark, any suggestions?
  8. I just checked my portal and I am exactly on the same boat. I sent my GRE scores and transcripts since May and it still says not received. What number did you call so I can call as well?
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