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  1. Thank you for responding! Congratulations again, so exciting!
  2. Congrats!!! I interviewed 11/11 as well. Were you waitlisted? And if so, what day?
  3. Hey there! You would get a better answer from the program directly. So, I recommend emailing the administrative assistant - Amanda Vargas. She replies fairly quickly. You can get her email from their website. Hope this helps
  4. Congratulations! I hope I’m up there on the waitlist as well.
  5. Congratulations on getting into your dream school and thank you for letting us know! I’m on the waitlist and keep checking this page daily lol. Usually, people will send an email to the admissions committee kindly withdrawing their acceptance and thanking them for the opportunity. Just short and sweet, nothing crazy. Congrats again
  6. Thanks! I did as well. Haven’t heard back from Dr. Joseph after I accepted my seat.. I’m sure I will soon!
  7. I hope so too! A lot of the people in that group are current students. So it’s hard to say how many their really are. And then you have to take into account those who maybe don’t use Facebook that have been accepted.
  8. Congrats! I’m waitlisted as well. Rooting for us.
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