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  1. Congratulations, so exciting!! Do you have any advice for the interview? (Obviously you can’t give details but some words of wisdom or tips might be helpful)
  2. Wow that’s amazing! Thanks for the update. Congrats and best of luck to you! I was waitlisted in March too but never got an acceptance. Definitely bummed but I reapplied for this year.
  3. UNTHSC requires the CASPer exam though. It’s easier in my opinion but tests are limited.
  4. For those wondering, UMHB is doing virtual interviews. Highly recommend joining the PA facebook groups
  5. Weird, they usually reply quick. They so have a virtual information session on July 18. You can sign up for it online. I went to the last one and people asked all kinds of questions about courses! It was super helpful. Just thought I’d let you know if you’re interested. And no I didn’t attach anything additional.
  6. You should call or email the program for specific questions like this! They are quick with replying.
  7. I’m wondering this too! Applied 6/6
  8. Hey guys! How long after you submitted did it take to receive the email about paying the $40 fee? I submitted and was verified May 29 and haven’t heard anything yet. Thanks
  9. Hey guys! Currently waitlisted from last cycle but reapplied just to be safe. I wish you all the best!
  10. Wow congratulations!!! I’m still waitlisted from February and this gave me the boost of hope I needed.
  11. Have you tried calling local clinics about shadowing? Sometimes it’s easier to get in through smaller organizations, that’s what I did. Also, due to the coronavirus it’ll be harder to find something right now but maybe by summertime! I know where I live (Houston area) they aren’t accepting volunteers/shadowing at most hospitals/clinics until further notice. You should also look into pharm tech or dialysis tech positions. I love my pharm tech job and they hired me before I became certified. You can message me if you have more questions.
  12. Hi! I’m also waitlisted and haven’t heard anything since February. So far only one person has been pulled from the waitlist. We still have time, that’s what I keep telling myself. As of right now all seats are filled. I wonder if they will allow additional seats to open for some of the waitlist peeps, probably not but just a thought.
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