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  1. That is so strange! I'm in the same boat, feel like my app was solid but also haven't heard back from this program and most I've applied to. Keep your head up, we got this
  2. Is it worth applying to this program still? or is it rolling admissions?
  3. I interviewed on the 1st and have yet to hear back as well patience
  4. I called - I believe I spoke to an administrative assistant? It was whoever's phone number was on the admissions contact page
  5. I did actually - I have an interview on 11/1 so contacted the program in an attempt to see if there was any information they were willing to divulge. Nada.
  6. confused - i thought you said you received an interview invitation on September 25th? not beginning of October..
  7. Has anyone heard of interviews extending past October for this program? I applied mid-June and have yet to hear back..
  8. Thank you everyone for all the feedback! I really appreciate it!! :) I will definitely be taking your suggestions seriously & considering other areas of improvement. I feel too often people focus on the competitiveness (not wanting to help others) and ignore the team effort involved in the PA career. I love that this community exists where we can all help each other
  9. Hi guys, I am hoping ya'll could give me some feedback as to where I stand as a PA school applicant. I haven't taken the GRE yet, but plan to 1-2 years from now (depending on the quality of my app). - currently a junior, recently switched majors from bio to healthcare studies - started research first semester of freshman year (have accumulated 2 years work so far but will hopefully have 3-4 yrs upon application to PA school) - rough time in sciences, especially ochem. current cgpa : ~3.6 and sgpa: ~3.2 . Am hopeful that sgpa will increase next year, but where do I currently stand with these stats? - I have quite a bit of hospital volunteering, have done 200 hours thus far and 50 hours shadowing, will probably have these doubled before I apply. - I have worked in a clinical research site as a data coordinator, so i think I could make that seem applicable to healthcare, and am now working as a pharmacy technician trainee (to start accumulating clinical hours). I may take a gap year to maximize clinical experience before I apply - not sure. - Working on leadership; I had a couple minor officer positions last year, and I am extremely involved in campus orgs. Im trying to narrow down my involvement and focus on quality rather than quantity if that makes sense. Right now I am an officer for a pre-health club that is pretty new so I think I have a good chance of contributing a lot through that. I want to be at least a VP in an org I care about before I graduate. So, assuming I improve upon several of these factors, what are my chances? My grades have me worried. I feel like I'm studying and working hard, yet yielding little results where my grades are concerned . I'm trying to stay positive, and continue working towards my goal. Any input you guys have would be greatly appreciate, thank you!!!
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