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  1. I think that totally depends on your placement on the waitlist bc I was waitlisted in February too but heard back with an acceptance the following week. Tbh I think they've filled their seats according to what other people have posted here
  2. if u scroll up a bit you can see she interviewed 2/28
  3. You can pretty much assume that's the case unless someone states otherwise. If there's no news, no one will post.
  4. The last interview was 2/7 which was also the day they sent out a lot of waitlist emails. Honestly, if you haven't been either accepted or waitlisted at this point I think it's more than likely a no for this cycle. Having that said, not everyone on the FB page has for sure accepted their spot in the class; I've seen at least a few admit that they are still interviewing so who knows where they'll end up.
  5. I don't speak Spanish whatsoever but am in the process of learning at least the basics before starting school. During my interview, the current students told us that it does help but is definitely not necessary as most people do still speak English in the area.
  6. If I had to guess, it seems like what they might do is that they have an established list of acceptees, waitlist, and a "misc" others list, and so perhaps as they are solidifying the actual class of students who have confirmed their spots they might pull people off the "miscellaneous/others" list to fill waitlist and then pull those off waitlist for acceptances. so like misc--> waitlist --> accepted. But certainly if you were chosen to be directly accepted (not waitlisted at all) then you would have heard back by now. But still hope for waitlist and acceptance in the future!
  7. Got wait listed on the 7th and just got an email with my admission offer!!! SO thrilled
  8. Can someone please let us know if the interviews are closed or open? Like do we go in with them having read our app or is it totally anonymous? Thank you in advance
  9. Here's hoping they only sent out a handful of acceptances this week and are primarily waiting until the following weeks to send out results! I interviewed 11/1 and havent yet heard back
  10. Definitely struggling with that "not too nervous" part but at least I have over a month for that to settle. I haven't received any acceptances yet, and depending on that may determine whether I'm excited or scared for this interview haha. Glad they're a more chill program! Thanks!
  11. I just got an interview invite for 2/28!! Any tips? Email says one-on-one with 2 faculty and a group interview session
  12. Yes exactly. I feel that it only helped me this application cycle.. and tbh I doubt I could come up with a better version second time around! It seems silly bc we spend years in college building relationships with professors and PAs and working so hard towards this goal - are we expected to abandon all of that after 1 app cycle? We have worked too hard. Sure, the experience we've built upon this past year has been valuable but it does not invalidate everything we did years prior. I was ready to start PA school last cycle, I'm still ready this next cycle haha.
  13. Yes I believe you're right. I plan to re-request from the same people. Hopeful they saved it I've been careful to try to maintain those relationships (sent holiday cards, etc )
  14. The way I see it - not a ton has changed since last application cycle. Aside from some updates, most everything I plan on keeping. Do you all not plan on recycling letters of rec and personal statements? I feel like mine were too strong to abandon.
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