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  1. You have great stats overall. I am not sure why you would be rejected to early in the cycle. Do you mind sharing the feedback you received? Best of luck. You only need one yes. You got this.
  2. Anyone with a rejection care to share their stats??
  3. I called the pa program which directed me to the grad office to check on my transcript status. Grad number I called is 956-882-6552. They explained to me that it’s been received through CASPA submission but not demonstrated that way in my portal since the grad office is processing my transcript. I’m going to wait a few days and if no status change happens I will call again. But to my understanding, CASPA submission is enough and no need to pay an additional fee to institutions to resent transcripts. If anyone learn differently, please share with us to act accordingly. Thank you, guys.
  4. Received an interview invite for September!Supper excited! Verified 6/3
  5. I was panicking with anxiety!! I’m so ecstatic i can’t Believe it! I got an interview invite for August 24th!
  6. @AshleyB Congrats! what did you do differently that you feel helped you?
  7. Yes, fall 2020. When I called to confirm that is the one I was told to use. If you’re applying as a pre-pa student.
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