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  1. Hello, I have applied to PA school for 2 cycles, and I keep getting rejected (by a lot of schools this cycle as well), My science gpa is 3.12, overall gpa is 3.36, I have 3500 hours of patient care hours as a medical assistant, pct, pharmacy technician and scribe, 150 hours of shadowing 5 PA's, My gre score is 304, I have a really good personal statement (made all the PA's I shadowed read it and they said it was really good), I also have a lot of volunteering hours through a hospital and all the orgs I was in in college. But I keep getting rejected, and I have already retaken a
  2. It is the link the school sends to complete, but it’s just shows all the documents that the school received.
  3. Same, I didn’t get any email, and mine still says ‘applied’ and I submitted on 05/28/2019
  4. did anyone in the last cycle have issues with pending classes? I just wanted to know if my application for this year will be delayed because I have one last class?
  5. Has anyone received a ‘your application is under review’ email after submitting the supplemental? Last year I received that email within 5 days! But after I submitted my supplemental application I haven’t heard anything!
  6. Wow! Everyone is getting interviews already? I just submitted my application! Hoping to hear back soon (fingers crossed)!!! Good luck everyone
  7. I submitted and verified 5/29 but haven't gotten a supplemental email since then. should I be worried and should I contact them? or does it take a while to send the supplemental?
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