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  1. Congrats on getting accepted to multiple schools! And thank you so much for updating us and letting us know that you are giving up your spot. It gives hope to the ones that are on the waitlist, like me! Good luck future PA!!!
  2. I just got the email!! I’m waitlisted! I wonder how many people they accept from the waitlist.
  3. Hi! I'm interested! Should I DM you to share our contact info?
  4. I hope your gut feelings are accurate lol (which i'm pretty sure they are ) These next three days are going to be filled with many emotions for us! So, good luck guys, and whatever the outcome may be, the important thing is that we have keep moving forward!
  5. Oh no! But, no worries! I’ll DM you with all the info!!
  6. Are you asking if anyone else has not received an invitation to interview? If so, that's me!!! I hope they send more interview invites in the upcoming weeks.
  7. Hey guys! I just got an email telling me i'm on the alternate (waiting) list!! Keeping my fingers crossed! And congrats to everyone that has been accepted!!
  8. I’ve been put on the waitlist as well. Do you guys think they’ll tell us what number we are on the waitlist?
  9. i don't think they do. A lot of us haven't heard back, and it's because I believe they will be reviewing our applications after the October deadline.
  10. Nice!! Maybe we can meet up! DM me if you are interested
  11. I got an interview as well for September 26th!! My caspa application and Supplemental Application were verified on July 11th. I'm coming from out of state as well (Chicago). Is anybody else coming from out of state?
  12. Congrats on getting in last cycle!! And thanks for the encouragement I hope to be in your shoes next year! How was the interview process? Was it MMI style, traditional questions, essay portion, group interviews?
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