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2019-2020 Application Cycle

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4 hours ago, kkn5077 said:

Congrats to you!! Mind sharing your stats? I submitted around the same time as you so anxiously waiting. Congrats again!

Thanks! Sure!

Overall GPA 3.65

Science GPA 3.65

GRE 311 (Verbal 156 Quant 155 AW 4.5)

HCE 12,000+

Volunteer: Almost none

Shadowing: None



Best of luck!

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20 hours ago, jdv123 said:

would you mind sharing your experience? How was the writing assignment? I have an interview coming up

I may be biased since it was my very first interview, but I really really fell in love with the program!

They set up a wonderful interview day. I was a bit hesitant prior to the interview day due to the cost of the program but after attending the interview, I'm confident to say that NW is now my top choice.

I could tell they really care about their students and have a strong, dedicated faculty/program for PA students.

Also they have such a strong PANCE rate (100% for the past 6 years)!


There's no way you'd be able to prep for the writing assignment. Just make sure you have lots of stories that you can share for the interview part (stories that can be related to you being a PA student and future PA-C). 


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