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  1. Anyone get pulled off the waitlist yet? If so, what number were you?
  2. Accepted to the GR campus this morning. However I will be giving up my seat to attend a different program. Hope it opens up a spot for someone else!!
  3. Just got accepted to the Boone campus from the 11/4 interview date
  4. I just declined my interview invitation. I hope this opens it up for someone else!
  5. @sjboyce95 I recall them saying January was when they were going to send out rankings
  6. Admissions said that this year they will be finish interviewing before the holidays start. They are shortening the cycle by interviewing more applicants at a time. There will only be total 4 weeks of interviews this year.
  7. I also received an acceptance this morning but I will be forfeiting it due to receiving an acceptance elsewhere. Hope it opens up a spot for someone else! Good luck everyone!
  8. Honestly, I wouldn’t call it strict nor laidback. It was a comfortable and welcoming environment but the questions were challenging. Good luck! It’s a fun day!
  9. Received an interview invite today for the 8th! You get to pick which time slot you want, I’m guessing it’s first come first serve. Good luck everyone!
  10. 4th and 6th! I just called and talked to admissions office.
  11. I wouldn’t bring her. I interviewed 10/1 and one girl brought her boyfriend but he ended up leaving because there wasn’t a lot of space and it was kind of awkward bc he was the ONLY one there.
  12. I submitted my supplemental in June and was notified of my 10/1 interview at the very end of August. But in years past, they may notify you with less notice- especially if you’re local.
  13. They interview 250 applicants in 4 rounds of interviews before the holidays start. Round 1 was last week (3 days, 21 applicants each day) and it looks like round 2 will start in 2 weeks.
  14. I submitted my caspa app in May and sent in my supplemental a little less than 4 weeks ago
  15. It did actually. It happened for a few. I called each school and just made sure they haven’t tried to contact me since I submitted my application. I just explained to them that I had an issue with my email, they understood.
  16. Interview went so well today!! Very laidback and welcoming!!
  17. neuroscience major; cGPA: 3.8; sGPA: 3.7; GRE: 309; 3000+ pce hrs as cna, pca, ma, home health care aide, international healthcare trip; involved in several extracurricular activities and leadership roles on college campus; ample volunteer experience; anatomy lab TA; various shadowing experiences
  18. i also received an interview today! very strange how the interview format is online...
  19. 3.8 cGPA, 3.7sGPA, 309 GRE, 3000+ PCE hours as a CNA, MA, PST, and home health care aide, many leadership and volunteer experiences
  20. that happened to me. come to find out, my email was deleting any emails that it thought to be spam so I never saw it. midwestern called me a month and a half after they sent out the invite asking if I was still interested. my email was comcast so if you have comcast you should look into this!
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