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  1. I was interviewed early on and got accepted to a school that is a better fit for me so I will be giving up my seat in the coming days. Best of luck to everyone!
  2. After lots of consideration, I have declined my seat at Tufts. I hope whoever gets in off the waitlist has an amazing time, this seems like a truly amazing program.
  3. Has anyone from the 9/23 interview heard back yet?
  4. Their last interview is December/January. I am pretty sure they are still actively reviewing applications.
  5. Waitlisted from the 9/18 interview. Anyone know if they pull people off the waitlist?
  6. I just got an interview invite for December! Application complete email sent 7/15
  7. I interviewed today and there were either 9 or 10 of us. They didn't say anything about when we should expect to hear back.
  8. I just gave up my 9/30 interview spot, hope this opens up a position for someone else!
  9. See everyone at the September 21st interview! Under review on July 1st.
  10. @GATTACA @rjnguyen @dd0507 when did you all send in your application?
  11. I didn't get that email, from my understanding they only sent that email to people who may have been affected by it (those who had certain email domains). I use a gmail so I don't think I was on that list. And I think that only applies as an issue with us receiving invites, not with them receiving scores.
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