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  1. I didn't get that email, from my understanding they only sent that email to people who may have been affected by it (those who had certain email domains). I use a gmail so I don't think I was on that list. And I think that only applies as an issue with us receiving invites, not with them receiving scores.
  2. Anyone on here that took the CASPer and still hasn't heard anything one way or another?
  3. Just recieved an interview for mid-September. I know it is pretty late to be interviewing as Tufts has an early start. Does anyone have a sense of how many seats are left at this point?
  4. Confirmation that my application is under review was sent 7/9
  5. I just received an interview invite which I could not be more excited about! I saw @j138l642 comment about the interview but does anyone else have any other tips/thoughts about the interview?
  6. For those of you who interviewed this week, how did it go?
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