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  1. I think one could argue that the CDC has been killed. I don't think they have been politicized...more like they have a had a gun to their head and they are not allowed to function the way they were intended to.
  2. This has been covered pretty extensively. In terms of patient care though, it is misleading to say that NPs are more autonomous. Yes, they can legally practice independently in many states. However, your "supervising" physician won't be standing over your shoulder every minute of the day (often times will not even be in the same building); most of the decisions you make will be made independently. Many argue that PAs are more qualified to do this despite the legal definitions.
  3. I'm in school right now - one of the reasons I chose my program was for the city. Obviously I haven't experienced it much, and I'm not sure how much will change by the time your cohort begins. If it weren't for the current situation, I feel I would have time to explore and enjoy this area though. Just like UGoLong, I paid for two deposits and I don't regret it. It gives you security because you really never know what could happen. If you can afford it, I'd put down the deposit.
  4. You never know if you will get accepted elsewhere. If you don't put down the deposit and things don't go well with your other interviews you may have a lot of regret. As far as location, I don't think it really matters. I think what matters is going to a school that will prepare you to practice medicine and pass the PANCE.
  5. There are a lot of things, but its hard to say without knowing much about you. Take some time to look around, there are mountains of information about this all over the site. Good luck!
  6. I used to work with a great nurse who quit his DNP program after almost a year because he hadn't learned anything he didn't already know (he was an RN without a BSN or advanced degree). The school affiliated with my program also has a DNP program. They are required to have 500 clinical hours for graduation whereas we are required to have 1800. The average across all PA programs is around 1700.
  7. Linus Pauling won two Nobel Prizes for his work in chemistry, but yet he still somehow believed vitamin C cured terminal cancer. Sadly, and ironically, he died from prostate cancer after refusing to have his tumor resected.
  8. Their other fake organization has a website now, it seems. https://www.acempa.org/meet-the-board.html The address listed where you can send a check for your membership fee is a single family home.
  9. I worked with a few while I was in. They were generally happy, but if I remember correctly the contracted employees were underpaid compared to government employees (as Ventana said). Generally low acuity (young, healthy active duty and dependents along with retirees). Depending on where you work you could also be training corpsmen which I think is pretty cool.
  10. Many of the interviews are posted to youtube. You can just borrow the questions from them and practice on your own. Or, perhaps your college provides interview prep as a free service. I don't think it would be necessary unless you are really struggling.
  11. And don't worry about deployments...Jody will take good care of her/him.
  12. One of the most successful hernia surgery practices in the world has GPs performing surgeries with no residency. All they do is hernias so all of the training spent in general surgery would largely be a waste of time. Would be nice if something like this came about in the US. https://www.shouldice.com/about/
  13. I think he meant working at a place with a lot of residents and students (who they wouldn't be responsible for) to do the majority of the patient care. I worked at a place that was ran by residents and had one PA. The PA had their own panel but did see a lot of walk-ins, didn't do any procedures, and the sickest patients generally went to the residents.
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