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  1. Because it isn't required. I'm sure there are examples of applicants who were accepted who were very strong in other aspects of their applications that made up for their deficiencies. Regardless of that, why would an applicant want to be a PA without HCE or shadowing experience? It is up to the applicant to make themselves as competitive as possible.
  2. Short Coat podcast All Access: Med School Admissions podcast PA Startup podcast
  3. A former hospital system employer of mine, who also owned their own insurance company, was exposed for suing its own employees over medical bills.
  4. Nice post I saw re: anti-vaxxers from Your Local Epidemiologist (Katelyn Jetelina) A few days ago, I shared a Texas Monthly news article on Facebook. The article features a prominent anti-vaxxer, Heather Simpson, who ended up getting the COVID19 vaccine (AND who is starting to vaccinate her daughter). It’s a fascinating read. Wellllll…guess who I had coffee with yesterday?! That’s right. Heather Simpson. I, of course, had a million questions. Way too many for one coffee. I don’t know much about this world and we need to if we want to change the landscape. For this meeting though
  5. For the record, I never said we should coddle them. I said they aren't necessarily stupid, which is true. In Tucker's situation, he is either incredibly stupid or being malicious - probably the latter. There is a HUGE difference between someone who just hasn't gotten info from the right sources and have been unfortunate to watch the wrong YouTube video or go to the wrong chiropractor and someone who is a full-blown anti-vaxxer who is completely down the rabbit hole. I do think that there are a lot of people on the fence because they haven't been given the right information and I would con
  6. An update on the media stuff. Tucker Carlson is now using "data" from VAERS to claim that the current vaccine rollout is the deadliest in history. This irresponsible rhetoric is why so many are so adamantly opposed to vaccinations, if people were still wondering.
  7. Some of it is quite literally unbelievable.
  8. Not exactly. They are protected by the vaccinated for the most part. (and...most anti-vaxxers were fully immunized as children). Agree. It has little to do with intelligence. Intelligent people are susceptible to disinformation and can be manipulated just as easily as anyone. They aren't making a smart choice but I think a lot of that is driven by disinformation campaigns, which like I said, are manipulative and cult-like.
  9. Granted I haven't really been paying too much attention to the news, I haven't really seen this. I know CNN regularly has Dr. Peter Hotez on whom I have much respect for. My major concern is social media where there is a fine line of choosing between "censoring" someone and preventing the spread of misinformation that could literally kill (see here: Disinformation Dozen). These people are pretty crafty and oftentimes employ the same tactics of cult leaders. It would be very difficult for anyone who is a part of news media to counteract these statements because of the distrust in the "MSM" that
  10. Not enough appointment time to undo the damage done by the internet. Finally saw the "18 reasons I'm not getting vaccinated" blog post that has been going around. What an absolute piece of smacked dog crap.
  11. I think if we are talking about getting herd immunity it will be essential. ~20-25% of the US is younger than 16, so if we don't vaccinate them we will never be above 75% (not sure what the actual number for herd immunity is anymore, if anyone knows). Less transmission among adolescents means less mutation. Also, Michigan is seeing more and more young people being admitted to the hospital with their continued $#!7-show, so there is reason to believe it would benefit them more now than in the past. Every intervention has a possibility of harm - this one seems pretty low risk compared to to
  12. Haven't seen too much. I'm sure they work just fine and are safe... and I'll be happy to have them available to those kids. How are things in your neck of the woods?
  13. To add, there are many procedures that even experienced PAs/NPs/physicians rarely get a chance to do and rarely get any opportunity to practice. This is where mental practice comes in. Find a procedures book or watch a video on a procedure. Repeat the steps over and over in your head until you can't get it wrong. Visualize the anatomy and get every step down. Think about complications. All of this should be available to you for little or no charge. Yes, there are certain things that require physical proficiency, but the more common things you can easily practice at home (i.e. suturing and knot
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