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  1. Per some of the reviews, it is propaganda backed by physician lobbyists. Laughably, they use Facebook comments as evidence that APPs are dangerous.
  2. Says he has been pushing for a name change for years. Provides some great examples of his (failed) efforts to educate people on our title and our role. His best example is speaking with some pharmacy reps who he struggled to convince he could legally prescribe their medication. Their reply was "if you are not an assistant, then why would you call yourself an assistant?" Talks about all the patients we are losing due to being told they will be seeing an assistant when scheduling, patient expectations of seeing a doc after seeing the assistant, losing students because there are so many opportunities to be a 'doctor' (MD, DO, pharm, podiatry, etc). Talks about how many medical professionals are actually surprised to hear what our actual role is. How not changing out title will lead to more costs than changing it. I think that's about it.
  3. Man...this forum has gotten a little bit..ahem...depressing. There are some 3-year medical schools aimed at caring for rural populations as well. Medical College of Wisconsin comes to mind.
  4. I've never been involved in research, so I found this to be interesting: https://www.facebook.com/lightforriley/posts/2617722751871823
  5. I will second @hmtpnw recommendation. She was excellent.
  6. I attended 2 community colleges and 3 other undergrad universities (none prestigious at all) before getting an online degree in "General Studies." I didn't have any trouble getting in. Get good grades, good healthcare experience, and know a lot about the profession and I'm sure she will be fine regardless of where she goes for undergrad.
  7. This has been covered quit a bit, but I'd say Doane is probably the best option. I took it a couple years ago and thought it was great.
  8. "First of all, none of us have seen the data. And the medical community needs to see that data, review that data, and see if it's substantial and if it's legitimate. 90% is a high mark to reach, so there's a little bit of skepticism with that number. But the 90% efficacy is about preventing symptomatic infections. It's not about preventing infections." Anand Swaminathan https://finance.yahoo.com/video/doctor-pfizer-vaccine-not-sure-203516477.html
  9. I mean...people were so upset that the governor of Michigan so arrogantly wanted them to stay alive that they devised a plot to kidnap her. Must have been spoiled millennials, because their coping ability and problem solving skills aren'treally on par with what I would expect from literally any other generation.
  10. A. They wanted to get high and listen to music. That doesn't make them brave. B. I don't see the connection. I'm sure if an ER existed back then people would have been going for trivial things then as well.
  11. Well, for one, this occurred during a quiet time in the pandemic - people likely thought it was over. https://academic.oup.com/jid/article/192/2/233/856805
  12. Thanks for sharing. I wonder if anyone could do a study about the sensitivity and specificity of a positive "LLS" sign.
  13. Look like there is a residency at Fort Rucker, so I'd imagine it would be possible. Try contacting the base or if you can get a hold of the medical education department there. Since it isn't a large facility, I don't think you would learn much though since most of the patients there will be young and healthy (active duty or dependents).
  14. Best to contact the school directly and ask if they would accept it. It's a good idea to have a copy of the syllabus ready to share.
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