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  1. Those schools I mentioned had their requirements all listed on the admissions page of their website. It was very transparent. I do remember others having "new" details listed once you reached the CASPA phase which is a huge bummer. Hopefully there are many that work within your requirements. Just keep digging and good luck!
  2. Look at the websites for pre reqs. Not all require labs and some don't require Bio at all. FYI - Northwestern does not require any labs and Wake Forest, Yale, GW, Sacred Heart do not have a general biology requirement. Do some digging. You may not have all the choices you had hoped for but you can apply this year if you choose carefully where. Good luck!
  3. Would people be willing to use the name of their school? It's just easier to discuss knowing size and region of the country. Is it true that MGH postponed until September? Are all Diadatic years currently online? Also wondering if all Clinical rotations are paused? Thanks.
  4. Congratulations! Is Drexel your top choice? Here is the Facebook Group I saw listed in a previous comment: https://www.facebook.com/groups/409746259955797/
  5. Did anyone get an acceptance today? Also, does anyone have an inkling on how big their waitlist is?
  6. While the rest of us are waiting for an update... those of you have been accepted, are you set on Northwestern or are you still weighing other acceptances? (yes Ive peeked and see some very impressive acceptances! ). Anyone know if NU has used its waitlist in the past?
  7. From what I can see looks like 1/15 was the date last year, 1/16 the year before and mid December year before that. So, this is the latest. I wonder what is holding up the final decisions?
  8. When are the deposits for accepted students due? Also, any information on wait list? Anyone else get news lately?
  9. "Over 50 colleges and universities in Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, and Wisconsin have opened their doors to each others' citizens at more affordable rates. Although the Midwestern Higher Education Compact is composed of twelve Midwestern states, the MSEP is a voluntary program (as are all MHEC programs) and ten of the twelve states participate. Iowa, Michigan, and South Dakota do not participate in MSEP at this time. Click here for more information." from the MSEP web site
  10. It appears that Yale calls for acceptances and defers all other interviewees until the process has finished? I haven't noticed anyone stating they were waitlisted or rejected from an interview. Does anyone have insight?
  11. @y1tenorio Which school did you choose? Congrats on such great success!
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