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2019-2020 Application Cycle

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If I had a dollar for every time I checked this forum, then I’d probably have my PA school tuition paid off by now.

After a lot of scrutinizing over my pro/con list, I turned down my offer so that's one more spot available! Go get 'em and good luck to all of you!

- Do your research on the program, especially problem based learning, and be able to tie in how your assets/experiences will fit in well with what they are going for  -Have 3-4 "experience" stories

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56 minutes ago, AndrewPowell said:

Invitations for interviews are sent by email, which is sent by Northwestern University (as opposed to a specific individual). Only acceptances are through phone calls, I got a call from a missed number from Illinois as well and freaked out so I understand the anxiety!

I'll second all of this! The email for the interview simply comes out of the blue and during the interview they informed us that the acceptance is strictly offered through a phone call from an Illinois phone number. 

No matter what stage of the process you're in, remember that no news remains good news! 🙂

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20 minutes ago, aap423 said:

Did they happen to mention how full the class was to anyone who got a call today? still waiting hear and interviewed on 10/14

Nothing was mentioned to me regarding how full the class is, unfortunately. At my interview, however, we were told they were 2/3 full. 

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