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  1. https://www.aapa.org/news-central/2021/04/aapa-responds-to-aaem-resident-student-association-advocating-for-end-of-pa-and-np-fellowships/
  2. From what I can tell, that is exactly how this $#!7 storm on Twitter started. I think it was someone from the ED calling upstairs and asking for the 'admitting provider.' Thus opened Pandora's box.
  3. I'm sure it would help. You could also consider something like doing a masters in sports medicine or cardiac rehab - may not give you all of the science credits but you'll at least be able to have a career should things not work out in the future the way you plan.
  4. On the flipside, my old PA at the VA (FM) told me it was the best job he ever had. He had previously worked at Mayo clinic for many years. Granted - there are so many VAs I'm sure there is a good degree of heterogeneity.
  5. Update: We are a HUGE part of structural racism in medicine, apparently.
  6. I agree. I don't think we should intentionally refer to anyone as something they don't want to be referred to as (i.e. midlevel or whatever else). I do think it is our job to provide care though, and for that I will never mind being called anyone's provider. Ironically the same people use the term mid-level very liberally with no concern about our thoughts on it. I think the issue is the extent that she (and many others) have taken it. They believe corporate medicine basically invented the term to demean physicians in order to replace them with us (and they believe AAPA and AANP are in on
  7. She deleted some worse tweets, but here is her defending herself comparing "provider" to the "n-word".
  8. Not sure if anyone is on Twitter, but there is quite a bit of butthurt from a certain subgroup of docs about being called provider. Some believe it is derogatory and related to the term given to Jewish doctors by the Nazis (false). Others have compared it to the 'N word' (not kidding). Today someone was claiming that it actually made the care they provide worse when they are called provider. I sarcastically (of course) opined that no patient has ever been harmed by a doc. I got a reply that said, "Clearly no pilot has crashed a plane??.... But to use that as an argument to let flight atte
  9. Yeah...I dunno. Lots of eyes on them and maybe they thought if they didn't do something about it people would think they were covering things up. I may misunderstand this, but I think it is a recommendation and not a hard 'stop right now.' Although the publicity of it makes that kind of inevitable. Re: Trump. Not agreeing with him, and I don't think you'd agree with him either. He says the executive branch should have interfered with the CDC to reverse their new recommendations. I don't agree with that at all.
  10. 6 cases of CVST out of nearly 7 million doses. CVST occurs in 5 people per million annually. Chance of being struck by lightning 1/700,000 annually. Chace of VTE with OCPs is 1 in 3,000. We'll see. In some ways this is a good thing they noticed this and are doing something about it. I'm sure it won't help confidence. On the other hand, I don't know if it is ethical to withhold a life-saving vaccine over something so rare.
  11. @Belwa Can't speak about those schools specifically, I guess. I'm sure they're all great. I'd say go with your gut and whichever program you felt the most comfortable with. Some good advice I got a long time ago. If you ever need to make a tough decision, go on a long drive by yourself. Radio off. Just your thoughts. You'll figure it out.
  12. Shouldn't matter as long as you get a decent grade and everything else on your app looks good. I took a good amount of my pre-reqs at a two different CCs and it didn't affect me. Some schools that look at academics more closely might not love it but in general I'd say it shouldn't make a difference. Again, just try to be well rounded.
  13. I think that looks okay. For specifics I'd ask a guidance counselor. And also, go off of the list of all the prereqs you intend to complete. See if you can fit everything in before graduation. A counselor will be beneficial because they know what semesters certain courses are offered etc.
  14. Interesting. Should they try to push this and PAs decide to play along, how long would a process like this take?
  15. Also want to stress the importance of shadowing and getting HCE/PCE. You're pretty young...learn as much as you can about the profession and the field before putting all of your eggs in one basket.
  16. Take a deep breath and don't get too stressed out. I would take some time to look at which schools you're interested in (recognize this will probably change quite a bit) and make a spreadsheet of all of their requirements. This is what I did. Also keep in mind that your school will have prereqs for some of the requirement of PA schools, it'd be useful to add those to the spreadsheet as well. Then start planning based on that. As I completed a course I would mark it off the spreadsheet (it's actually very satisfying to see the spreadsheet turn from red to green). I'd probably start w
  17. Yep. Someone else's BMI never killed 500,000 people in a single year. Also, before I forget...someone on here said the covid's direct effect on kids was "negligible." And while infection and severe disease in children is rare, keep in mind that roughly 40,000 kids have lost a parent in the past year due to this. Not negligible.
  18. Also...that is absurd. Are you in a hotspot or something?
  19. Not the case at mine. 8 week rotations here.
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