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  1. Stephanie emailed me back earlier and said that the program creates FB group for each class. And that they will send out other information (including FAFSA) regarding orientation later on. I guess it's still too early considering Stephens starts in August rather than May/June. If you guys want to do whatsapp group chat or something, I'm down for it. Just DM me here!
  2. I am going to reach out to the program first since I've heard some schools prefer that the admins create the FB group for the incoming class. Once I hear back, I will let you guys know!
  3. I heard back in August when they called and offered me a seat. I was just wondering if the class roster is continuing to be filled and if anybody is interested in fb group for the class of 2022. Seems like it’s been radio silence since the last interview?
  4. Anybody else got acceptance calls? Thinking about creating a FB group for accepted students, unless someone else has made one already.
  5. Did you get the rejection email today?
  6. Anybody else from previous interview groups got acceptance calls from Jeremiah?
  7. Also got a call today and was offered a seat! So excited!!!
  8. Got an interview invite today! It's a set date for Aug 23rd which I'll have to see if I can reschedule it.
  9. I may be biased since it was my very first interview, but I really really fell in love with the program! They set up a wonderful interview day. I was a bit hesitant prior to the interview day due to the cost of the program but after attending the interview, I'm confident to say that NW is now my top choice. I could tell they really care about their students and have a strong, dedicated faculty/program for PA students. Also they have such a strong PANCE rate (100% for the past 6 years)! There's no way you'd be able to prep for the writing assignment. Just make sure you have lots of stories that you can share for the interview part (stories that can be related to you being a PA student and future PA-C).
  10. I wonder if they would be sending out interviews earlier than last year (they started inviting early September). The "in the queue" email says:
  11. Same here! They already had a round of interview in July and wonder if the interview spots are filling up pretty quick.
  12. Congratulations! Anybody else interviewing 07/29? I’m taking a train up there Sunday morning, would anyone want to meet up on Sunday?
  13. Application due date today! Hoping they go through the review process soon and send out invites asap since they are January start program!
  14. Is this a whole new PS than the PS from the previous cycle? I felt the intro was bland, especially because it lists your work experience. There's no mention of PA in the first four paragraphs, only about the doctor. You tell and list lots of things that doesn't really show much about you as a person. The conclusion is too brief and generalized. To be honest, I lost my attention to details as I read through it. Others may have a different opinion though!
  15. Wow congratulations! That was a very quick turnaround for ya! Do you mind sharing your stats?
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