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  1. Is this a whole new PS than the PS from the previous cycle? I felt the intro was bland, especially because it lists your work experience. There's no mention of PA in the first four paragraphs, only about the doctor. You tell and list lots of things that doesn't really show much about you as a person. The conclusion is too brief and generalized. To be honest, I lost my attention to details as I read through it. Others may have a different opinion though!
  2. Wow congratulations! That was a very quick turnaround for ya! Do you mind sharing your stats?
  3. Just got invited to interview for July 29th! My confirmation email was sent May 28th.
  4. I submitted mine 06/04 and only the tech standards and letter of references show as complete. General University App fee was paid 06/01 so not sure what else to do. Has anyone emailed them about it?
  5. If you don’t mind asking, what led you to choose Stephens over other programs?
  6. Thanks for the heads up! How did the students do with taking PANCE then? Did most of them pass? What do you think was the reason for the faculty turnover?
  7. Got an interview invite email today!!! SOOOO excited! Interview date set for August 23rd! I submitted late May and got a confirmation email that it's under review on May 27th. cumulative GPA: 3.54 science GPA: 3.66 GRE: V 154, Q 154, W 4.0 PCE: ~3900 hrs (ATC, rehab tech, exercise therapist) volunteer: 150 hrs shadowing: 85 hrs (PA, NP, MD) LOR: 5 (PA, PA, clinic supervisor, former preceptor, A&P professor) I did write the optional diversity statement.
  8. Hi everyone! Anyone heard back from UMKC so far? I got an email about UMKC SSO information and it gave me an ID to access Pathway. CASPA was verified 5/24 and I've submitted my supplemental application on 6/4.
  9. Congratulations! Did they call or email you for the invite?
  10. I just ended up putting Doane College for all my application details. Mine had no problem getting verified, and it only took less than 24 hours to get verified.
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