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  1. No red flags! Similar to what lnicolem was saying- Duke is an impressive program, and I felt confident I would have gotten trained well there (it was actually my second choice). The program I chose has a few curriculum differences that I felt aligned better with my goals. I also felt that interview-day "click" a little stronger there as well! Message me if you have any other questions! I'd be happy to help with wherever you may be in the application process.
  2. Just turned down my acceptance to attend a different program. Good luck to all you wait-listers, and congratulations to those who have already accepted!
  3. Yes, I have- had a work conflict. Just email Wendy. She was super cool about it.
  4. Accepted via email a couple of hours ago from the 10/21 interview!
  5. Not a current student, but was interviewed and was accepted to TJU Center City. Just FYI- their website stresses inter-professional development through their Health Mentors Program, but current students mentioned that it actually isn't a big part of their education (they said they only participated 2-3 times). Take this with a grain a salt, but it's just something to keep in mind if that was an aspect that makes TJU a top choice for you/if it's something you're planning on working into your interview answers. It sounded like there were a lot of other amazing aspects of the program though (e.g., pre-establish and diverse rotation sites, the students felt very prepared going into clinical year, students felt supported by staff members, they have excellent resources, and learn about each organ system holistically)!
  6. I just declined my acceptance offer. Good luck to all you waitlisters!!
  7. - Do your research on the program, especially problem based learning, and be able to tie in how your assets/experiences will fit in well with what they are going for -Have 3-4 "experience" stories prepared that you can use to depict examples of common buzzwords (e.g., teamwork, overcoming adversity, resilience, etc.) - Prepare explanations for any weaknesses in your application - Know answers to the common questions: why PA, why not NP, etc. - Record yourself a couple times while practicing- make sure to iron out any awkward fidgets and "ums"....A lot of the time there isn't a right answer, and how you say something is more important than what you say - Regardless of your nervousness, be sure to radiate confidence and kindness. They already like you if you got an interview, don't forget that! They are just making sure you'd be a good fit for their program. Because of their unique curriculum and small class size, they really value making a cohesive group of students. Nothing to catch you off guard! Good luck! It's a very warm and laid back interview experience.
  8. This is so helpful! Thank you. About how long is each interview? And would you say they're more Q&A format or more conversational?
  9. @SonoToPA Sure! Here's my general timeline: CASPA submitted 5/11, CASPA verified: 5/13 "Application Complete" email from TJU: 6/12 Interview invite: 7/24
  10. Yes, just to echo PAtobe- curious about how the day is run! The invitation email didn't have much info. Is it just one interview? How long are they? Are they one-on-one? Thank you!
  11. I just rescinded my acceptance, so hopefully that opens up the slot for someone else! My sincerest wishes for those still waiting- good luck!
  12. I just declined my interview offer, so hopefully that opens up a slot for someone else! My sincerest wishes for those still waiting to hear back- good luck!
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