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  1. I have not heard anything after interview. I will call tom and will update.
  2. Thanks @hopefulpa its exactly my situation. It was my top choice too. i just finished my college algebra class for them. They should send denial now. Waiting game should be over now.
  3. Thanks @ mariayy so we should receive denial soon as I have not been invited for the interview yet.
  4. i believe someone should hear this week. Please update if any one receive call. fingers crossed
  5. Thanks for response. i got invite fro 16 and 17 jan, one week before. Were there other dates besides these dates too?
  6. does any one know its whole day interview or we are divided in morning and afternoon group.
  7. @Acceptmepaschools No but that what it seems to be as they will be closed for a week or so
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