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  1. Head over to the accepted students FB page we can help there!
  2. Has any other accepted students heard anything since? Such as next steps/housing/etc? I want to start planning!
  3. Hi All, Are any current students willing to message me? I would love to hear more about the program, area, and the things they love about it!
  4. Best of luck everyone!! Got the email confirmation that it is under review on 5/31.
  5. They replied back and said they are working on getting CASPer on the website.
  6. I emailed regarding the CASPer issue, too. I took the CASPer test already, but Wake Forest was not listed as a recipient to send scores to. I haven't heart back yet but I will let everyone know!
  7. I thought I would start a thread for this application cycle! Good luck everyone!
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