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Hello!!  I know a few students already addressed this; but as a recent Duke grad, I wanted to add my two cents.  As far as students being frazzled - super accurate depending on the day (high stakes ex

I have a friend who's attending Duke this fall. She spoke with an admissions counselor last week and they said they're about to send out the first wave of invites so good luck all in the next couple o

Hang tight everyone! Duke gets thousands of applications each year and legitimately reads each one. Not all schools do this.

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On 5/13/2019 at 7:19 PM, Beata said:

Hi all! I submitted CASPA on 5/11. 

@junebug - did you receive the email invitation for supplemental application yet? 

Supplementals weren't sent out until July last year. I wouldn't expect them much earlier than that!

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18 minutes ago, moonsunpup said:

Hey guys! In the supplemental app, when entering/confirming your PCE, what does "explanation" mean? I'll call or email them but wanted to check in with you guys first. Thank you!

For me, it carried over the explanation of duties/responsibilities from my caspa.

BUT on some other things, the explanation/details were lost... 

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Submitted: 05/22 @ 8pm

Verified: 05/23 @ 8am

Received supplemental app via email: 05/23 @ 11:30am


I am filling out my supplemental application right now and confused about what I should write for Patient Care Experience section, especially "Agreeable/positive aspects of responsibilities" and "Disagreeable/negative aspects of responsibilities".
The description of responsibilities carried over from my CASPA app. 

What should I do with these parts? 

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