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  1. My description for work and shadowing was automatically transferred from CASPA so yes I believe it can still be the same. For the agreeable and non agreeable aspects, basically talk about what you learned from the experience or what you have gained and if you have any aspect that you think could improve on your job for ex: some work places do not get diverse group of patients. Just an example. Hope that helps a little
  2. Received an email yesterday with supplemental questions. Though the supplemental application site is not live yet they wanted us to start working on it.
  3. I'll be coming from NY and will be staying overnight
  4. Hey everyone! Thought of starting this thread for this cycle's applicants. Good luck to everyone!
  5. Hey congrats! When in May did you apply? Also were you notified via email/call?
  6. How did you all enter lab credits for your science courses on the supplemental courses section? My transcript doesn't have a grade or credits for labs (it's just blank). However, the Duke supplemental won't let me save anything unless I enter credit and grade.
  7. I just received my interview invitation today!! However, there are no available dates. Does anyone know if they open up more days to hold the interviews or is this some type of technical issue? Update: They had a glitch. Called and scheduled for 07/10th!!
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