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  1. I haven’t been invited nor rejected yet the anticipation of that email is killing me softly!
  2. @thegrayprepa I land at 4pm, so realistically 5.30 would probably be the soonest I could meet. I’m going to check with Michelle as far as her location on Thursday night and come up with a meet up spot -Beata
  3. If anyone that is going to the morning interview on Friday would like to meet up for dinner Thursday night DM! I’ll be coming from Oregon and need to leave back to Portland at 5pm that Friday so sadly I won’t be able to participate in the social hang outs planned for the interview days. Good luck to everybody!
  4. @crcrown I think the example can be exposure to or witnessing diversity.
  5. Does anyone know if Wake Forest has rolling admissions?
  6. @JuliaHPrePA There will be an invitation to CASPer as well as supplemental application: "We apologize for the confusion. We are waiting for CASPer to add our school to their website. We hope to on it by next week. We have not begun to download CASPA information into our system yet. When we download your CASPA application, you will receive an email with a link and information on submitting our supplemental application as well as the CASPer test".
  7. I just got an email that they have not downloaded CASPA applications yet, but once they do the invites for supplemental applications will go out. They're also going to add CASPer soon, but the school is not on there yet.
  8. Same here - verified 5/15 and invite yet. I did email them today regarding the fact that in one place on their site it states that CASPer invitation will be sent after CASPA and supplemental applications are reviewed by the program, and on another page, it says CASPer must be completed in order for CASPA application to be reviewed. Has everyone completed CASPer before submitting CASPA?
  9. @Caligal How long did it take for you to receive an invitation to complete the supplemental application? My CASPA was verified 5/9 and I haven't heard back yet. Thank you for offering your input!
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