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  1. For me, it carried over the explanation of duties/responsibilities from my caspa. BUT on some other things, the explanation/details were lost...
  2. Thanks! GRE total- 319, Verbal- 161, Quant- 158, Analytical- 4.0 I'm not too sure how hard they are with the GRE. I've heard that you just have to get around a 300 for most schools.
  3. Received an interview invitation for June 11 & 12!
  4. For any classes that require a lab component, try to do that in person! A lot of PA schools require that they are in person. Also for the ochem requirement, some schools will take biochem instead or won't even require either of them (just bonus courses). Definitely do your research in the prereqs for the specific schools you are interested in! The school that you take your prereqs at will have a different order that they require for the classes- but ochem will definitely be last. Bio will be needed before micro and A&P. When you get an advisor, you'll be able to get a better sense of what the order will be. I did post-bac classes both online and in person through Troy Uni (I live in Alabama). So I was able to work as much as possible while taking the online classes, then I dropped down to part-time to do the in-person classes. Some schools offer an accelerated A&P 1 and 2 where you can complete both in one semester- might be something you want to consider to maximize your time.
  5. Has anyone received an email from South that their application is complete? I received the email that they received my caspa app.
  6. My app was just verified by CASPA, good luck guys!
  7. It says this in the supplemental application: Your application will not be processed until all required items are received, which includes your supplemental application, supplemental fee, verified CASPA application, and your CASPer scores. You do not need to wait for your CASPA application or CASPer scores to submit your supplemental application.
  8. Sure Siyana, Undergrad school: University of Georgia, BSA Biological Sciences GPA: 3.94 (I'm waiting for CASPA to calculate my science GPA) PCE hours: ~1700 as a home health aid and CMA at an OBGYN clinic Age: 22 GRE: 319
  9. Update: got an email from UAB saying that the 200 character limit is supposed to be 200 WORD limit! Big difference lol
  10. That is a really good question! Let me know if you find anything out
  11. I thought I'd go ahead and get this thread started! I just submitted my caspa! Good luck everyone!
  12. Hey all, I thought I'd get this thread going! I just submitted the caspa app! Good luck to all
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