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  1. Got the call at 4:30 pm today! I interviewed on the 5th
  2. I gave up my seat last week so that will open up a spot! This was a VERY tough decision. Good luck to everyone!
  3. Yeah, building off of journey2pa, the conference room where the information session/questions is jam packed with all of the staff and interviewees. Plus, you will want to have the opportunity to chat with other interviewees and current students without having to worry about your guest.
  4. Got an email earlier today that I got accepted! I am still in disbelief!
  5. Got an interview invite for 11/5 PM! I’ll be driving from Auburn, may stay the night before in Birmingham.
  6. Hey all, I received an interview invite for Oct 1 on Aug 29. I was wanting to see if anyone else is flying in from Atlanta!
  7. I received an interview invitation a couple of days ago, but I will be declining because I've been accepted to another school!
  8. Yeah that's what I was talking about, they sometimes call it a "meeting" because it is not technically an interview. I had the first interview dates and for the group portion, we were questioned by two people, one of which was the Dean. And it was 30 minutes long! I doubt they have changed it, but I wouldn't stress too much about it. I think the one-on-one interviews are much more important.
  9. The group interview does go down the line with each person answering each question first. Everyone gets a chance to answer each question.
  10. It's a two-day interview process, but the first day is just an info session and then a dinner with some current students. On day 2, you have two one-on-one interviews with faculty, and a group interview with 3 other interviewees. My group interview was conducted by the program director and someone from the South Uni school system.
  11. No writing sample! There is an online application that you have to do on day 2, but that is just to input your information into their school system so that you can be an official student if you are accepted.
  12. I did not do the CASPer test, it isn't required. They were testing it out last cycle so some applicants did it then.
  13. I prepared by reading "How to Ace the Physician Assistant Interview" book and I did a mock interview with my office manager. The book really helps with getting an idea of what kind of questions to expect at interviews. I was super nervous too, but the environment is very relaxing the first day which helps a lot.
  14. Got the call Friday that I got accepted as well!
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