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  1. I have found that the best thing to do is to try and speak with current and past students. Many current students and alumni post in the school specific forums. I have had good luck with reaching out and getting honest answers to my questions and getting a better idea of the quality of a program. Usually there are students available to talk to on interview day but of course they’re only pointing out the positives. I found my discussions on this forum much more honest and helpful.
  2. hmtpnw

    GWU vs NAU

    To me this seems like a no brainer. Unless you’re really, really interested in getting an MPH, go to NAU. You’d save over $100k after factoring in cost of living.
  3. I felt like I set the pace during my interview sessions to some degree. A lot of the questions were somewhat open ended. Some I chose to answer very succinctly and others I decided to take the time to expand on, allowing me to hit some points that felt important to me. Use your time wisely. If you can answer something thoughtfully with fewer words, do so. It will leave time later if you need it. You won’t have tons of time with your interviewers, that’s just kind of how this process goes. With that being said, I walked away feeling that I had enough time to express myself to the interviewers and I felt that they had an idea of who I am as a person. I attended an interview for a different program that had three 45 minute group interview sessions. I spent significantly more time with faculty and staff during that interview. I felt much more rushed and at the end of the day I felt completely unseen.
  4. hmtpnw

    CASPA Experience Updates

    In this case I wouldn’t update. If you listed the experience as continuing then they are already assuming that you are accruing hours at the same rate that you’ve listed on your application. It would be redundant to list it again.
  5. Schools that emphasize your last 60 credit cumulative GPA will often still have overall science GPA minimum. I have not heard of programs looking at a “last 60 credit sGPA” if they’re considering your sGPA, but I certainly could be wrong. In your case, most programs I am aware of that emphasize recent coursework would look at your last 60 credit cGPA of 3.6, but they would also be looking at your overall sGPA of 2.71. To meet minimums for most programs work on getting your sGPA to at least a 3.0.
  6. Have you taken stats? Many programs require it as a prerequisite. I would prioritize stats over a calc retake.
  7. Received an interview invite for group A this afternoon. I’ll be declining as I’ve accepted a seat at another program! Good luck everyone!
  8. hmtpnw

    volunteer hours

    I had maybe 50. I thought this would be an issue but I received multiple interviews and my lack of hours wasn’t brought up once.
  9. I think your science GPA is going to hold you back from receiving interviews at nearly all programs. Do the schools you’re applying to not have science GPA minimums? The majority of programs that I’m aware of have a 3.0 sGPA minimum with some having a 2.75 minimum. A sub 2.75 sGPA will get you autorejected from nearly all programs. If I were you I would continue taking coursework until both of your GPAs are above a 3.0. Without that you’ll likely be autorejected, regaradless of how strong other parts of your application are. Also, in reference to the new program you mentioned, these schools tend to take higher GPA applicants with a proven track record of success for their first few classes. They’re more concerned with PANCE pass rate and academic performance. New programs don’t like to gamble on lower GPA applicants. You would be much better off applying to more established programs that prioritize your strong PCE.
  10. I was accepted from the first group of interviews and haven’t heard anything. I wanted to get more information about financial aid and when I inquired I was sent this link which I found helpful: https://medschool.duke.edu/node/2745. The information is located under Prospective Student/Financial Aid Presentation.
  11. hmtpnw

    Stephen's College

  12. If it were me, I wouldn’t. The morning info sessions are detailed presentations about curriculum with faculty and staff. I felt like it was a ton of information to digest and I was trying to focus on taking it all in, asking intelligent questions and interacting with fellow interviewees. I personally wouldn’t want any kind of distraction on interview day. You’re being watched all day. It’s definitely a low pressure, low stress setting, but faculty and staff are making observations about you throughout the whole day. I wouldn’t want to spend any of my energy interacting with a spouse/partner or fielding their questions about things. But you have to do what’s right for you!
  13. No one at my session brought spouses/partners.
  14. hmtpnw

    Does this count as PCE?

    This will likely count, but programs do seem to put highly specialized PCE in a lower tier.
  15. You will do great. Just be yourself. It sounds corny and cliche, but it’s the best advice. I was honest and genuine in my interviews and I felt that the interviewees really saw who I was. I think that made the difference.

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