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  1. Your argument is essentially to go into nursing because it’s easier. Sometimes hard things are worth doing my friend.
  2. My biggest piece of advice for you would be to slow down. You’re only 19. You can’t plan everything, and even if you try, things won’t pan out how you expect them to. That’s just the name of the game. Focus on school, work hard and gain some life experience. Think about how doing things like buying a house and settling in one area will affect your ability to move for PA school. Don’t close so many doors this early on. Of course you should pursue your goals, but remember, being a good provider stretches far beyond checking off the boxes that you’ve laid out for yourself.
  3. As long as you had a decent personal statement and good letters you should get interviews this cycle.
  4. I was applying to hospital positions and had many responses. I started interviewing back in April and the majority of my interviews were in June and July. When I signed an offer a few weeks ago I was in consideration for several positions. What I found was that once you have connected with a recruiter and a team at a hospital system, they will work with you to find openings that are well suited for you, if they like you. Start making connections early. It will pay off down the road.
  5. Start applying early. You can apply as a student before you're certified or licensed. I graduated at the beginning of August and started applying for jobs in March. In terms of EM, it can be a competitive specialty for new grads to break into. UC can be easier but be wary of any job that want you to work as a solo provider as a new grad, which is a recipe for disaster.
  6. Started clinicals in August 2020. Not a single one of my rotations has been shortened due to COVID.
  7. Yeah, this is bad. Currently in clinicals. Almost always 1 student per preceptor. Occasionally I have been with a medical student as well, but only when I’ve been on larger academic teams in an inpatient setting. In those instances, I still carried my own patients and it never compromised my experience.
  8. Currently finishing up clinicals, attending a 24 month program. I worked once a week during didactic. I let my advisor know right off the bat and she was supportive. It was a low stress job and my coworkers were close friends so it served as a nice break from school. I only stopped due to COVID.
  9. The longest period of time I've had off during clinicals was a couple weeks over Christmas/New Years. Otherwise just long weekends here and there. We have a "spring break" coming up that's about 5 days long. The brief breaks are nice and much needed, but a lot of the time is spent decompressing from how stressful and busy rotations can be. I can't imagine having a wedding and really being able to enjoy it and appreciate how special of an occasion it is during clinical year. If I were in your position I would recommend waiting until you graduate. You'll likely have time after graduating and prior to starting your first job. This would be a better time to get married.
  10. I wouldn't include the letter from your fellow ED tech.
  11. Hello everyone, I am currently in the process of applying to cardiology jobs. I'm finishing up school in NC and applying out here as well, but ideally I'd like to end up back home in the Seattle/Tacoma area after graduating. I do have a few leads, including an initial call with a recruiter for one of the larger hospital systems later this week, but I am wondering if there are any cardiology PAs here practicing in the Seattle/Tacoma area who would be willing to share any insight about salary, the different hospital systems, current job market, etc.
  12. Many students have interesting anecdotes and experiences to share that may relate to the curriculum in one way or another. The interview gives students an opportunity to expand on these kinds of things. I would just discuss it during the interview if it feels relevant or important to you. I wouldn’t send any kind of supplemental material in relation to this, before or after.
  13. https://www.uwsurgery.org/divisions/cardiothoracic-surgery/education/cardiovascular-advanced-practice-provider-fellowship/ Anyone have any insight about this fellowship? This is the first time I’ve come across it. Hoping some of the PAs on here with MEDEX connections or those who practice in the northwest might be able to chime in. I am extremely interested in working in inpatient cardiology. I’ll be applying to cardiology jobs where I’m attending school and rotating as well in the Seattle/Tacoma area after graduating. I have some leads already, but I’m intrigued by this fellowship and the potential to get plugged into an academic medical center in the northwest.
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