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  1. If you think you can retake the GRE and get a better score, I would. In terms of how many schools to apply to, I would probably consider somewhere around 12 given your stats. GPA is good, but clinical experience is on the low side and GRE is borderline.
  2. Supplementals weren't sent out until July last year. I wouldn't expect them much earlier than that!
  3. I would just put down the general number for the store and the name of whoever your supervisor was. That is the most accurate information, even if that person is no longer employed there. Realistically, no one will check this and it is a non-issue.
  4. I included my ~10 years of food service experience in CASPA and it ultimately came up in interviews. I connected with my interviewer about his background in the industry. He said that out of all of his experiences, waiting tables and bartending best prepared him for navigating the fast-paced flow of a hospital/ER. You never know what will resonate with someone reading your application. Include anything that better prepared you for a future in medicine, even if those things feel slightly less relevant than your clinical experiences.
  5. I think you have a solid chance of > 305 and potentially 310. I took the MP free practice about a week before my test and got almost the same score. You seem on track to do well. Don't stress. Just do your best.
  6. I think you are overthinking this. Applying a couple of weeks after CASPA opens will not play any significant role in the outcome of your cycle. You will still be applying very early.
  7. Thanks for the shoutout
  8. Hmm. This is good to know! All of the OOS schools I picked didn’t show any preference towards residents, but it sounds like that may have just been coincidental.
  9. Most PA schools don't give preference to in-state applicants. Some do though. The only way to find out is to look at a school's website. They usually state if they prefer residents of a certain state or region. Also, your stats are similar to mine and I received interviews at Duke, Baylor, and Pacific. You are probably a good candidate for any of those programs.
  10. You can submit your application to programs that require the GRE prior to taking it. Your application will be considered incomplete until they receive your GRE score so they won't start reviewing things until after you send them.
  11. Personally, I don't find this essay particularly compelling. I know the poster above liked it, which is awesome. The thing about asking for feedback from so many people is that you will get different perspectives, which can be confusing. For me, I feel like there are issues with flow and organization throughout. Mostly, this is because you have parsed your ideas up into short paragraphs and you don't tie your experiences and reflections together. You don't fully expand on your ideas in the places that you should. There is also no real theme in your essay to tie your ideas together. These things have resulted in an essay that's a bit scattered and challenging to read. A couple of other things: Skip the quote. It's a general rule of thumb not to use quotes in your PS. Really work on your transitions. Tie your answer to the prompt to specific experiences. Finetune your grammar and word choice. It's lacking in some spots. I made more detailed comments on a google doc here that may help you address some of the issues above: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13lnHQk_5qED_COWmgMu2nmXKCe2vtDXe4Y_N4pjKx2g/edit?usp=sharing If you need additional help, reach out. I have a personal statement editing service as well where I give more detailed feedback. Either way, good luck with the writing process. Keep at it and things will come together.
  12. This. Address this now. Find a therapist that can help you work through your anxiety. You will thank yourself later.
  13. You can apply to additional programs after your application is verified and update your grades, but CASPA will not recalculate your GPA.
  14. You have to remember that it is the reader's point of view that matters here. It is clear that you know you aren't being derogatory, but if it comes across that way in your writing you won't be there to tell adcoms, "Hey, don't worry, my co-workers don't mind." You don't get to answer any additional questions when adcoms read your essay. They will take it at face value when trying to determine whether or not to invite you to interview at their program.
  15. Happy to help! Reading through your comments, it seems like you are very attracted to the prestige of Johns Hopkins. My advice would be to look past that. The consensus on this forum is that prestige of the program you attend doesn't matter. It all makes you a PA. I don't know how this applies to nurses programs, but I can't imagine that attending this program would give you that much of a leg up compared to other well established MSN programs. Instead of prestige, consider the type of education you will be receiving. Not just at Johns Hopkins, but beyond that for your post-graduate education. Do you want to get your doctorate and become a DNP? Are you comfortable going straight from RN to FNP by obtaining an online certificate over the course of a year? Will you have to do any additional certifications or get a separate degree to be able to work in surgery if that's what your heart is still set on when you graduate? If you want to be an NP, then great, do that. There are a lot of good reasons to consider that route. Just make sure you are doing it for the right ones and ask yourself the important questions.
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