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  1. hmtpnw

    Caspa verification

    Applications verify much more quickly early on in the cycle as there are fewer to process. Earlier posters were commenting in May. Now that we’re nearing the end of July, many more applicants are submitting. I would think at this point in the cycle verification could take at least a week, maybe longer.
  2. Thank you so much for your kind words! I am certainly holding out hope. Congratulations to your wife! I hope to be in her shoes soon. I know that MEDEX strongly prefers candidates with higher hour counts and my strengths are definitely on the academic side. But you never really know if part of your application will resonate with someone I guess. I have heard through the grapevine that things have been changing a bit at MEDEX over the last year or so, and they did drop their minimum hour count, so it seems like it may be true. Either way, I got an email stating that I am complete and that I at least meet their minimum requirements. Happy that I will at least get a full review and a "holistic evaluation" of my application
  3. Submitted my CASPA application on 7/12 and received the supplemental application invite on 7/16. Just submitted my supplemental application + payment and immediately received an email stating that my Duke application is complete! Now the waiting game begins.
  4. If I were you I would certainly reach out to the schools I applied to and confirm they accept this kind of experience. Especially if they had minimums on hour counts. I would want to know if I would be considered or auto rejected. Just for piece of mind. I would also continue to be optimistic about this cycle but be ready to reapply if need be. Find stronger clinical experience now and start accruing genuine PCE hours. I would not consider what you’ve listed above PCE. It could help you out this cycle and you can update schools about your new position and it will help you out next cycle if you end up needing to reapply.
  5. cGPA is average and sGPA is below average. Neither are deal breakers by any means, but ideally another part of your application would make up for this. Usually that would be in the form of strong clinical experience. I would consider your clinical experience on the weaker side and hour counts pretty low. Again, not a deal breaker on its own, but application as a whole doesn't have anything that stands out to me. Many programs don't consider home health positions as PCE. I would look into that at the schools you've applied to if you haven't already. Consider getting PCE in a clinical setting, ideally a hospital. I think that would strengthen your application quite a bit. I don't know a ton about the programs you're applying to, but did also apply to University of Colorado and know a bit about their program so I will use that as an example. Looking at their class profile, the stats of accepted applicants are as follows: Average cumulative GPA: 3.75 Average science GPA: 3.71 Median PCE: 1413 hours Median HCE: 440 hours Overall you're pretty far below the average in each category. That doesn't mean you won't get an interview, but it does mean that you're less competitive for this program. If I were you I would look at the class profiles for the schools you're looking to add on and see if your stats are more in line with their accepted applicants. Keep working on strengthening that application and find some stronger PCE that will be accepted at all programs. Good luck to you this cycle!
  6. In addition to the criteria listed above, OHSU all give preference to applicants who fall into these categories: Resident and non-resident applicants with superior achievements in academics, health care experience, and other related experiences such as leadership, shadowing, community service, etc. Resident and non-resident candidates with an interest and/or experience in rural health, underserved populations, and/or primary care. Veterans. As an out of state applicant who doesn't fall into any of these categories your chances are probably slimmer, but that doesn't mean you don't have a shot.
  7. Finally submitted my application! MEDEX is definitely a long shot for me and is my reach school for this cycle. My PCE is not as strong as they like to see, but I figure it's worth a shot since I meet their minimum requirements and have strong regional ties. Fingers crossed... I would love to attend the Tacoma program. Good luck everyone!
  8. Just submitted my application! I submitted to a few schools earlier in the cycle and am already verified, so hopefully they receive it quickly. Good luck everyone!
  9. I was finally able to submit my application! I already submitted to another program so my application is verified. Hopefully OHSU receives it in the next few days. Good luck everyone!
  10. Congratulations!
  11. hmtpnw

    Applying to OH/PA schools

    Look at the school specific forums for programs you applied to.
  12. hmtpnw

    Am I Competitive?

    Sounds like your more recent courses are stronger, so I would say that’s a plus.
  13. hmtpnw

    PA LOR

    To me, a health care professional could be many different things. A provider of course, but also an EMT, paramedic, RN, etc. Essentially someone who is respeonsible for caring for patients. To speak to someone’s clinical skills I feel like you kind of need to have some yourself. That’s how I interpret “health care professional.” Is your coordinator someone who works in healthcare? Or is he a coordinator in the sense that he organizes the volunteers and assists in scheduling, taking care of more office type work? If it’s the latter I wouldn’t personally consider him a health care professional. That doesn’t mean the letter isn’t still valuable, it just may mean that you don’t have a true clinical letter. You could always contact schools directly to be sure.
  14. hmtpnw

    Direct patient contact hours

    Strong PCE is fairly universal. RNs, ER techs, EMTs, PCTs, hospital CNAs, etc. This description from one of the programs I’m applying to summarizes the components of strong PCE well: “Direct, 'hands-on' patient care, working with acutely sick or injured patients in a hospital or clinical setting.” Looking at the experience you’ve mentioned above, it is definitely not PCE. I could see some schools accepting this at HCE, but I could also see some not accepting it at all as you don’t work with patients in person. You’re only interacting over the phone, which is quite indirect. I would recommend finding a position with more opportunities for hands on experience or experience working with patients directly.
  15. hmtpnw

    CASPA applications viewed by all programs??

    Schools cannot see which programs you’re applying to.

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