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  1. I’m starting to realize this more and more. I think I’ve decided to go with the elective that will allow me to do the most. It means that both of my electives will be in cardiology, but I think the experience of being able to have a bit more agency as a student is important.
  2. Ooo yeah. I’m not a surgery gal! But I could see how it would be a great experience to learn.
  3. I’m at Duke! I believe it’s going to be the abdominal transplant service. I was feeling a little resistant to doing inpatient cards for my other elective because it would mean that both my electives would be in cardiology, but I think I’m gonna go with it. That’s what I’m interested in and I think I’ll enjoy it much more.
  4. I wouldn’t anticipate this. I imagine that if people were hesitant about attending due to COVID, they probably wouldn’t have applied this year and would have instead just taken a gap year. It’s so much work to throw your hat in the ring, I can’t foresee people giving up spots after going through all the trouble of applying. With that being said, be hopeful. Keep your fingers crossed and be prepared to reapply if it comes down to it. That’s all you can do.
  5. Finding a healthy balance of anything during PA school is difficult. Extremely so. Any additional thing that you take on outside of your coursework will make PA school more challenging and have the potential to compromise your ability to be successful. That’s just the reality of the situation. Wedding planning is stressful. Especially if you’re planning a large wedding and want to be involved in the process. The ideal situation would be both planning the wedding and getting married after your graduate. If you absolutely have to get married during or right after PA school, I would plan during clinical year and get married after your graduate. Planning during didactic sounds like it could be a disaster. Everyone deals with didactic year differently. Some people do well and are able to keep up without too much trouble. Others really struggle and have to study constantly. In my experience, it’s difficult to know which one of those categories that you fall into until you’re in PA school.
  6. Currently in clinicals. My goal this year is to learn as much as possible. Right now, one of my two electives is on a specialty service (transplant) and I’m starting to rethink that, wondering if I would get more out of something more generalized. Amongst other things, I’m considering doing another inpatient internal medicine rotation instead. My question in all of this is what rotation taught you the most? Edit: I should add that I am ultimately interested in hospital medicine vs inpatient cardiology. I made some connections with the inpatient cards team on my first rotation and have been picking up shifts with them here and there. I will be spending next month in the cardiac ICU as my other elective.
  7. There are a few issues here... One, of you don’t have one already you should get a therapist. You’re clearly dealing with some mental health issues on top of everything else. Talk to someone. Figure out a way to cope with your anxiety. Two, how are you studying? What resources (outside of lecture) are you using? Have you tried multiple study methods? Has anything been effective? Finally, stop comparing yourself to your classmates. Everyone is going through it and struggling, trust me. I can barely remember material I learned last week. It’s normal.
  8. Thank you so much for your input! I really appreciate it. Being that I am interested in critical care, do you think transplant surgery is a good use of my second elective? I wasn't initially drawn to it because I thought it would be more surgical, but my adviser felt that it would be a good fit. She framed it in a way that I would be seeing an APP based team functioning at the top of their scope, could be on the floor almost all of the time and only go to the OR if I was interested in a case, would have the opportunity to manage very sick patients, etc.
  9. I am struggling to decide between a medical or surgical ICU elective rotation. Any PAs here have thoughts on which would potentially be more useful to me? Some details that may be helpful... Right now, I am interested in working in critical care vs hospitalist I am not interested in working in surgery necessarily but would definitely be interested in managing surgical patients on the floor Whether I choose medical or surgical ICU, it will be cardiac, so CCU vs CT surg ICU I get two elective rotations in total and my other elective rotation will likely be transplant surgery where I will be almost exclusively working on the floor with a PA based team I am also trying to get a hospitalist service rotation for my required IM rotation
  10. GPAs are really on the lower side. That combined with your lower grades in your upper level science courses like orgo and biochem and no academic LOR seems like a bit of a red flag to me. Apply broadly (maybe closer to 15) to schools that look at last 45/60 credit GPA and submit as early as possible. Consider getting an academic LOR as many schools require one.
  11. Sounds like your cGPA is going to be pretty far below a 3.0, which is the minimum for most programs. If you don’t meet the minimum requirements of a program, unfortunately you will be auto-rejected. Your other stats will not compensate for this. Your options are to find schools without GPA minimums (not sure how many of these there are, I’m guessing few to none) or those that look at your last 60 credit GPA instead of cGPA. Although it sounds like this may not be stellar either. I think it’s likely that you’ll have to do some serious GPA rehab to be competitive for the majority of PA programs.
  12. I have always been a macbook user but my tuition included a technology package so I had to start using a Dell Latitude 2-in-1. They also set us up with a Dell active pen and an iPad mini. I really enjoy the touchscreen, much more than I thought I would. When I want to take notes by hand or draw pictures/pathways during anatomy lectures I use my laptop as a tablet and take notes with the pen directly on slides in OneNote. It's great. I never use the iPad Only when absolutely necessary for lab quizzes.
  13. I moved across the country for PA school a few months ago and signed my 16 month lease sight unseen. This was a risk, but I reached out to some students in the area and asked about the neighborhood, rental company, safety, etc. I also asked for lots of photos of the actual unit. I felt like I had a good idea of what I was getting myself into and took a leap of faith. Obviously every situation is different, but it worked out very well for me and I love my place. It is perfect and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
  14. hmtpnw

    GRE scores

    This is program specific. Some schools specify percentiles, other have score minimums, others don't have minimums at all. Some just list "preferences" with no hard cut-offs. There is a lot of variance. You will have to look into the programs that you are interested in to determine if it will be an issue.
  15. If you think you can retake the GRE and get a better score, I would. In terms of how many schools to apply to, I would probably consider somewhere around 12 given your stats. GPA is good, but clinical experience is on the low side and GRE is borderline.
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