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  1. hmtpnw

    Interview Attire (women)

    I have long hair as well and have been fretting a bit over this. I think I’ve decided to do half up, half down. That way it’s pulled back out of my face and I will still feel like myself. I tend to wear it down and feel most comfortable that way, but I don’t want to end up playing with it. I’m planning to curl it as well. I agree with the above. As long as it’s neat and professional and you’re comfortable, I don’t think it matters too much.
  2. Congrats!! Glad to hear they’re starting to send invites out. Good luck!
  3. hmtpnw

    Interview Attire (women)

    This goes against all of the advice that’s given on this forum, but I’m sure you know that! Standing out is important, but the general consensus seems to be that you want to stand out because of your personality, who you are and your qualifications. Not for what you’re wearing. This day is not like every other day, it is one of the biggest days of your life. Most programs want interviewees to dress professionally, even if that’s conventional and boring.
  4. The evening unfortunately wouldn’t work for me either!
  5. hmtpnw

    Time of day for interview offers?

    I have received two invites thus far, both came in the morning (9:30 AM and 11:00 AM).
  6. MEDEX is fairly well known for preferring applicants with significant amounts of high quality PCE. They’re an older program that likes veterans, combat medics, nurses, etc. I believe they used to have a 3000 or 4000 hour minimum that they recently dropped to 2000. On their website they do mention this preference in different ways and specifically recommend applying with at least 4,000 hours to be competitive. Another indicator I would say is average age of the class, which is 30. Definitely older than most programs. When this is mentioned on the website they state that “Range in age is related to the total number of clinical experience hours required to meet MEDEX prerequisites. Students accepted to MEDEX tend to have a significant number of years in paid clinical positions, averaging 5 years in 2018.” I also inquired about my clinical experience with MEDEX over email prior to applying. They stated that all of my experience would be placed in a “allied health” category, which they consider highly specialized in nature. I was told that because of this specialization my clinical experience may not meet the direct, hands-on patient care requirement. Another important factor is that I’m an out of state applicant. Although I have strong regional ties, I am an Oregon resident. MEDEX strongly prefers applicants from the WWAMI region. Although I know I am a strong applicant, it felt like there were A LOT of reasons I shouldn’t get an offer to interview at this program specifically. But, here I am! I thought I was a sure thing for OHSU and I got rejected right out the gate. I was completely shocked. I’ve learned now that this process is impossible to predict. Try to apply wisely and throw in some “reach” schools that you’d love to attend.
  7. From my understanding they’re primarily looking at last 45 and BCP with less of a focus on cumulative. Pacific is know for focusing on more recent coursework. From other posters, I would expect to start hearing back next week.
  8. Since everyone seems agreeable to 7 Seas, let’s plan for Friday 10/12 at 6 pm. For those coming in from out of town, address is 2101 Jefferson Ave in Tacoma, right next to the UWT campus. There is a second location in Gig Harbor, so make sure you’re headed to the correct location! I will let the current student that I’ve been in touch with know that we’ve firmed up details. I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone!
  9. I would love to meet up on the 6th. I would prefer afternoon coffee. Anywhere in Tacoma is fine with me!
  10. hmtpnw


    Looking at your post history and checking out the program you applied to out, it seems that their average cGPA was 3.66 and average sGPA was 3.57. I see no mention of focus on last 60 semester credits after a quick glance at their website... Unless you have spoken with admissions at this program I wouldn't assume that they will take those last 60 GPAs you've calculated into account when evaluating your application. Only certain schools focus on these GPAs. Both your cGPA and sGPA are below their averages for sure. Your PCE is strong. It seems like a toss up to me. I wouldn't assume you're a sure thing, but I wouldn't write yourself off until you get a rejection.
  11. Okay great! I am coming from Portland actually, so even if I can't make it up to Tacoma that weekend I am sure we could meet halfway between fairly easily
  12. I think I’ll be in town the 6th. If that ends up working out I’d love to meet up!
  13. Also, it sounds like we are fortunate enough to have at least three current students who would like to come meet with us on Friday evening!
  14. Meh is the perfect word to describe the Harmon The only issue with 7 seas is that we wouldn't be able to reserve a table. It really is a large space though so I don't see it being a problem. I have never had trouble finding a place to sit even with larger groups. I'm staying with family who lives downtown, but I also agree on the Holiday Inn. It's super close and there is lots of parking if you're driving into Tacoma.

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