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  1. For overall GPA, their website says: Required minimum overall and/or last 60 credit hours GPA > 3.2 So from what I understand, your overall GPA needs to be above 3.2. Since you're right at 3.2, calculate your last 60 credit hours. If that's over 3.2, you would be qualified to apply!
  2. I also got the email stating my app file is complete. That was on 05/16. Someone on reddit posted yesterday that they just got an interview invite! No other info though.
  3. Oh gotcha. It didn't for mine for some reason. Thank you!!
  4. Hey guys! In the supplemental app, when entering/confirming your PCE, what does "explanation" mean? I'll call or email them but wanted to check in with you guys first. Thank you!
  5. Yes I worked, volunteered and had full-time semesters during the same time frame but that's stated in my resume and experiences section in CASPA so I was trying to stay away from re-stating what's already in the application. And yes I was referring to graduating from college, and also trying to minimize re-stating resume specifics. Okay, that makes sense! I'll cut that down. I worked as an MA but I do state that in the second story for clarity. Again, I really appreciate your input! It is tricky finding a balance in showing what I've learned instead of telling without re-hashing the my resume- while expressing my personality. My path to PA is pretty straight forward and does not involve any epiphany moments or extreme circumstances. I'm still figuring out how to stand out. Your feedback is great!
  6. Thanks for your feedback. Do you mind expanding on what you mean? I'm trying to get a better sense of where to change things. I originally had a PS that was more of a timeline (which read like a resume) but my attempt at this revised one includes two stories with an overall theme that motivates me to go PA. So I am not sure what you mean by it reads like a resume and would appreciate if you have time to clarify. I also tried to connect each paragraph with the next, following the overall theme. What do you think would make it flow better? Thanks again!
  7. I would list any that fit under the CASPA guidelines. I copied and pasted: "In this section, you can enter your professional experiences in several categories, or types. Review the definitions below, consider the duties you performed, and choose the category that you think best fits the experience." "Although you can enter any experiences that you believe are relevant to your application, we recommend focusing on those experiences within the last 10 years and at the collegiate level and above. Enter only current and in-progress experiences (not planned experiences), and check your program's requirements regarding documentation." Sounds like those experiences would go under Non Healthcare Employment and I think you should definitely include them if they occurred in the time frame/setting as described by CASPA. I am absolutely adding these types of experiences to my application and highlighted how I had to finance myself in my PS. If it's part of your story, include it. The worst thing they can do is disregard it but you don't want to sell yourself short!
  8. I appreciate the feedback! and see what you mean about how I list a lot. It wasn't like that at first but I needed to condense a lot to make the character count. Would you suggest I break my thoughts down more individually? Or how would you go about de-condensing my statements? Thank you for checking it out
  9. Here's the link to my google doc and you can comment suggestions here or there. Thank you to anyone who has the time to look this over! Feel free to send me yours as well if you would like any critiques. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_ZW316wdKOZZGhGFsevlFkCquERrFhxBz4SBMBQi0qM/edit?usp=sharing
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