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  1. To the accepted students out there, is there a Facebook page or something so we can all begin to meet and greet and whatnot?
  2. I got the call today as well, I got in! The same as @Melcara I am a reapplicant and this means a major weight off my shoulders. So grateful! To all those on the edge of their seats, in the interview they specifically said to expect calls from Thanksgiving time extending all the way into early December, I think they are taking the slow methodical approach to reviewing the interviews. I do not think they are going to be calling everyone in the span of a couple of days, rather a couple of weeks.
  3. Did anyone catch when exactly they would be notifying us of our rank within the wait-list? I know it was supposed to be some time following the end of interviews.
  4. Me as well . Fingers crossed for all of us!
  5. What day did you interview? Are they sending them out in batches by day? I was 10/23
  6. I am a big pile of nerves myself, fingers crossed that we all get the good news tomorrow!
  7. To all those that interviewed today, I greatly enjoyed meeting everyone! Good luck to the upcoming interviews and fingers crossed for the applicants interviewed today!
  8. I also got a call earlier this week with an interview invitation. @Allyhopp and @Urszula I am also interviewing Nov 5th at 11:30. Would either of you (or anyone else interviewing that day) be interested in grabbing breakfast somewhere near campus beforehand? Excited to meet everyone!
  9. I feel like in the case of bringing a guest they want to see that applicants have the full unconditional support of their spouses. PA school gives you a run for your money, they want to know that their applicants can give it their all when they are going through the program. Thoughts?
  10. @jliwpGreat! I will look into some places in the area, what area are you staying in? I am at the staybridge near campus. Anyone else interviewing on 10/23 want to join us for dinner the night before?
  11. Late to the game responding, but I got an interview invitation for 10/23. Anyone else arriving the night before interested in grabbing dinner (probably earlier)? Curious to see if anyone received acceptances yet following their interviews, if so how soon after?
  12. @Lunatuna good thinking, it hadn’t even occurred to me. Let’s all keep our hopes strong and maybe our minds off this for a while. I know I have started overthinking things myself
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