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  1. Submitted my supplemental 5/24 with CASPA verified and GRE received.
  2. Just got an e-mail that my application has been sent to AdCom for review. Last year it looks like there was an initial and second level review...does anyone know what to look for? Thanks!
  3. Everything sent 5/16! Good luck everyone! Very excited and nervous!
  4. Hi Guys! Just starting a thread for this years applications. I have my "application complete" status from ECU's portal as of 5/13. Good luck everyone!
  5. Applying this cycle! Thanks for starting a thread!
  6. @Jocapa93 per the website you need to download the patient care verification forms and have them filled out by your employer/supervisor I assume these are the forms they want you to upload in this section.
  7. Hi! I am also applying to Duke this cycle! Thanks for starting a thread and good luck to you! Kudos for getting you application in SO early! Hoping to be right behind you next week!
  8. Hi I will be applying this cycle! Thanks for starting a thread and good luck to you!
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