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  1. It was explained in our interview that many of the schools have opted out of publishing their PANCE pass rates since taking the harder exam. And that the individuals that did not pass we’re all remediated on the schools behalf and that many of them had admitted to not studying enough to pass it. So just caution to the wind on that. They’re a top 5 school for a reason!
  2. No updates yet? Hoping to hear something by the end of this week since the interview is only 2 1/2 weeks away. Has anyone else emailed or received any information? Thanks and good luck guys!
  3. When did you verify/submit everything? Thanks and congrats on the interview!
  4. So I saw @ems2pa had an interview already scheduled and looks like completed - anyone else hear anything? It says they are on rolling admissions and begin interview offers on a rolling basis starting in August. So just wondering why they sent out an interview already? If anyone has any info? Heard anything? Thanks!
  5. Hi guys - just wondering since they are so quick for interviews etc, if it is worth applying at this point? I can probably submit my CASPA application by the end of the week. Thanks!
  6. Question - they require a minimum of 4 credit hour microbiology. The microbiology course I took only had 3 credits but i DID take a lab with the class. I e-mailed them about this to see if I could still apply, and sent them the syllabus from the course that stated Lecture: 2 credits, Lab 2 credits, 3 total credit hours. I never heard anything back. Not sure if I should take this as a no, or re-email them? I would love to apply to this program.
  7. Anyone heard anything? I submitted my application back in May, but my status is still just submitted for them. Thanks!
  8. Submitted supplemental today! Now we wait!
  9. Anyone else get a supplemental? Have not received anything yet. CASPA Verified 5/15
  10. Thanks! cGPA: 3.56 sGPA: 3.41 GRE: 309, writing 4.0 I did a post-bacc, however, with a GPA: 3.97 ~75 hrs volunteer, ~20 hours of shadowing, LOR: attending, manager, and professor ~7500 PCE. I was a ER Tech for 2 years, ER Nurse for 2 years, and have been a critical care nurse for 3 years.
  11. Mine is 8/26 just received the e-mail! So I will be seeing you there! Good luck to everyone!
  12. No e-mail yet on the date. I did not respond to the notification of interview - did you? When did you get your interview invite? Would love to meet up if its on the same day!!
  13. 5/23 for CASPA. Actually had some confusion with the payment, and ended up paying twice before I got a confirmation e-mail on 6/7. Got invite on 6/10.
  14. Received an interview invite today!!! To those who have gotten an invite, did you respond to the e-mail? Not sure the etiquette for that. Thanks
  15. Hi! I did not either. I got an email saying in order to continue processing they needed my payment, but I had already paid. I sent them back my receipt last Tuesday and never heard anything. I emailed them Wednesday to reconfirm with them, and never got a response. And have no received the 7-14 day email. So I’m on the fence of just paying again and see what happens.
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