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  1. From being on the bottom half of the interview waitlist to being accepted at the SLC Campus!!! I couldn't be more excited!!!
  2. I didn't think early acceptance was going to be a thing! I'm super jealous but congrats!! I really hope I did well enough at the interview on the 14th to get an acceptance too!
  3. I've heard from current students that the test doesn't hold much weight, that apparently they only use it as a tiebreaker if they can't decide between two applicants.
  4. They emailed me today! When I first was put in the interview waitlisted I asked for more information and all they said they could tell me was there was about 30 on the list and that I was ranked on the bottom half. They said they couldn't tell me my exact ranking.
  5. I was on the interview waitlist (the bottom half) and was notified today that I have been invited to interview on the 14th! I'm so surprised and so excited!
  6. Were there any red flags for you guys from Duke that caused you to choose another program?
  7. I think we are all just as anxious for there to be movement on the waitlist! I know I am!
  8. Any fellow waitlistees hear anything?
  9. Crossing my fingers that me and some others who got waitlisted after the first round might hear some good news tomorrow
  10. accepted to duke and interviewing at the U! wow megan, youre aweome haha
  11. Any students on here choose Campbell over Duke? Campbells facilities and simulation technology looks amazing! Duke didn't impress me as much with their building or technology at all, but faculty seems pretty good and I wonder if that Duke name looks good for applying to jobs across the country if I were to move back home. For those who had opportunities at both any thoughts would be appreciated as I contemplate my decision. Thanks!
  12. I interviewed at Dukes PA program this week and was not as impressed as I wish I had been. Now obviously you only get to know a program so well on an interview day, but what unimpressive was their facilities and the lack of technology they use to teach their students. Faculty seemed very supportive. Now my question is how much weight does the DUKE name have on a new grads resume when applying to jobs? Another program I've been accepted to has excellent PANCE rates and incredibly new facilites with awesome simulation technology, which might really help my preparation. Both feel like they could
  13. Im interviewing 9/30 and my wife and I would love to join you guys!
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