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  1. I don’t think if they’re sending any more invites out ( I hope, I’m wrong) they said on the email that invites go out from August to late October, I believe, last Friday was the last round of invites.
  2. I’m waiting too, submitted my supplemental on June 2!
  3. They sent some rejections out a day after their first round of invites, we should expect more this week
  4. I wished, I could stay that hopeful, but I’m 99% sure, that’s not the case.
  5. To me, they didn’t have time or didn’t bother to send all the rejections out on Friday, so frustrating.
  6. Not yet, but I’m sure, I’ll get it on Monday!
  7. It’s been 3 weeks since the first round of interview invite
  8. If it is at the Boundurant hall, your best option is still Dogwood. If you have to meet up at the hospital, you have some other options too. Once they tell you where exactly you need to go, I can give you more info for the parking, because there is a construction right across the children hospital, so they closed the entrance. All the hospitals at UNC are connected to each other, and to the medical school and Boundurant Hall.
  9. Unfortunately for any off campus walkable parking, you need to have a permit. Your only option for Friday is the Dogwood parking deck. However for Saturday, you can park almost everywhere around the campus without permit. I don’t know what time the game starts, but I think you should be fine to be there around 6:30 am. May I ask where you need to meet up on Saturday, then I can give you some suggestions for the parking.
  10. Finding a parking space in Dogwood parking lot is very hard especially on Friday afternoon. You need to give yourself good 30 min to go up and down to find a space.
  11. Glad to hear I’m not the only one, I graduated top of my class with ok GRE, volunteered at UNC ED for a while, with 6000 hrs of patient care experience, good luck to everyone who got the invite!
  12. I’m local too, UNC alumni, UNC employee, no military background, and no interview !
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