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Facial hair for interviews

Beard or no beard?  

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  1. 1. For a PA school interview, is it acceptable to wear a beard?

    • Yes, make sure it's neatly trimmed.
    • Yes, as long as it's a full beard, and not patchy or a five o'clock shadow.
    • No, never. Are you friggin' nuts?
    • Who cares, just look professional.

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I don't recall any of my classmates wearing a beard to an interview... but they were mostly women. :-)

In all seriousness, I wouldn't.  Things are so competitive, I would hate to get ding'ed on something like that.... and I much prefer my beard to shaving, but have only been able to grow one on vacation since I joined the fire service.  I think people who think well-kept beards are unprofessional are bigoted, but at the same time acknowledge the reality that they may have input into my life that can be anonymous and subtle.

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All of the men that I saw during the interviews (including my current classmates) were clean-shaven. After they were accepted seems to be when they let it all grow back. I remember the first day of class hardly recognizing some of the men because they now had beards :)

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When I interview students, I vote to accept those with the following characteristics:

beards regardless of gender (conflict disclosure: I found this winter I am capable of growing a rather large and bushy beard that drives the ladies nuts and men insanely envious. It will happen every fall & winter till I die from now on.)

different skin color than mine

tatoos and piercings

old and young

no suit

I also vote to accept middle age clean cut males & females without visible jewelry or other markings whom wear suits.

I am more interested in the following:

If I think they are hardworking and seem like a genuine person.

Their GPA.

The HCE they have and how it has formed what they desire as a healthcare provider.

What their goals are after graduation.

What their insight is into the next 2 years of their lives.


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I don't have a burly beard, but a well kempt and trimmed one. Have had it since beginning of college. no issues here prePA through PAC so far.

I look like I'm 12 without the beard so have had one for 20 years now. When I shave it off I get carded and my younger wife does not.

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