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  1. Your immaturity disqualifies you from my profession. Modesty is something you missed. Sent from my SM-N975U1 using Tapatalk
  2. Yes I am indeedy.. they are making a Killing. I make more rvu then one of the MDs did in his last rural job. Sent from my SM-N975U1 using Tapatalk
  3. My rvu were 5300 last year. That's fairly impressive. Imagine that on a rvu bonus schematic.. working on a revision of that Sent from my SM-N975U1 using Tapatalk
  4. Could work for some, but awkward when you work with 11 MDs and 2 other PAs. I have 3 of 4 weeks a month in clinic, each week seeing about 130-150 patients. Week 4 is inpatient consults around the city, and some OR days peppered in. Those are lucrative bc I do my own buccal grafts and op report, and then assist on the case after, so he bills higher for his case, and we get the assist fee. I'm the only one not getting extra now hahaha Sent from my SM-N975U1 using Tapatalk
  5. No such luck, but all of us in similar situations and functions have the same struggle of RVU based bonuses or pay bc like you said, MD takes the cake. I would love to come up with a solution. UHC hasn't been helpful Sent from my SM-N975U1 using Tapatalk
  6. Are you in Vegas? If you are... There's better situations.. I'm thinking you're not though?
  7. At least it wasn't about nurse practitioners? For the love of all that is holy https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/11/health/artificial-intelligence-medical-diagnosis.html
  8. Hahaha.gif Yeah. I ain't spending a fourth year in med school. What a joke. I understand there's a shortage of FP, but there's a shortage of plenty of specialties. Plus, my education and experience as a PA is worth more than 3 years already. Realistically, clinicals should be optional, just close the education gap (and we can forget all the fluff later).
  9. I disagree with dropping 70k more for a better name. Interest? With someone paying back loans from the second most expensive school in NY, I'll tell you.. As great as the program is, that's a lot of dough. Unless your going to pay your loan back and have another person's salary to live off for a few years.. think about it
  10. You are beyond petty. You want me to bow to you, now? All of my urologists but one so far have told me I function at their level. Quite specifically. They share patients, ask my opinion, and give me as much respect as I give them. I have collegial banter with them as they do amongst themselves. Maybe you're not used to that after 47 years? Sorry it didn't take me that long to get there. I remember one PA that influenced my career before it started, more than any other. One I know you know. Patients are far less apt to start a malpractice claim against a PA and/or surgeon that they like. Showing them respect, humility, dignity, and general compassion trumps all else. I've seen that play out both ways.
  11. No offense to OP But it's Ortho. Doesn't take that long to be highly proficient and knowledgeable. Sorry not sorry. Respectfully, I think you need to get off your 47 years high horse sometimes. I respect your career longevity and experience, but there's many times and ways to frame post operative events in less than incriminating ways. You don't need to bring your Demi God worship here. You and I both know we pick up dirty laundry constantly. I do it all the time. There's an art to it. Especially when the MD is out of office. Op. The lady sounds like a crotchety drug addict maybe with underlying mental health issues including dementia. Pain makes people do and say mean things as well. She's frustrated, concerned, nervous and who knows maybe partially deranged. I think you just need to let your manager and sp deal with it and move on. Do your Sunday best to just block it out and move forward.
  12. Beats me getting crap press ganey scores last week for telling a patient I can't fill their regular non Urology meds and them getting pissed off at me.
  13. I'll add..I see the worst of that!!! Oh we don't know what to do with this... But don't even start the work up or do basic testing!! Ordering testosterone but not FSH LH.. no scrotal sono for ball pain.. the wrong imaging for renal masses and hematuria. My favorite.. dipping positive for blood and not testing microscopy.. We need to find a better way through and through
  14. Urology is a surgical based specialty that has internal medicine thinking... But that goes right back to the point of if there's no changes and just need a refill. It's an easy enough appointment.. But a lot of patients would prefer to not have to go to multiple doctor's and it would be more cost effective, and open my schedule for a complicated re referral... We're both not Wrong. Who's the intermediary? Tele medicine!?? Ah! I may be on to something
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