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  1. Beats me getting crap press ganey scores last week for telling a patient I can't fill their regular non Urology meds and them getting pissed off at me.
  2. I'll add..I see the worst of that!!! Oh we don't know what to do with this... But don't even start the work up or do basic testing!! Ordering testosterone but not FSH LH.. no scrotal sono for ball pain.. the wrong imaging for renal masses and hematuria. My favorite.. dipping positive for blood and not testing microscopy.. We need to find a better way through and through
  3. Urology is a surgical based specialty that has internal medicine thinking... But that goes right back to the point of if there's no changes and just need a refill. It's an easy enough appointment.. But a lot of patients would prefer to not have to go to multiple doctor's and it would be more cost effective, and open my schedule for a complicated re referral... We're both not Wrong. Who's the intermediary? Tele medicine!?? Ah! I may be on to something
  4. I make a lot of patients prn if symptoms have been controlled. I would expect you can continue to refill finasteride, Flomax, and basic anticholinergics If the symptoms get worse or refractory, then send them back That's how my note is written As a specialist, I hate seeing controlled symptom patients coming in for refills with no changes otherwise. Or they tried to have pcp refill and they refused, so they ran out of pills waiting to get in to be seen. I know urology meds typically aren't that scary Also, stop using doxazosin to treat bp and Flomax.. That's soOoOoOo 1995 We don't have a billion open spots to see follow ups.. So when you have a yearly or similar routine follow up.. Maybe I'm jaded to but.. It's easier for you to see them. We need more room for new patients, and I'll admit a lot of the new referal patients are BS.
  5. Expand your horizon.
  6. I believe in lavender for relaxation and peppermint for nausea. I'm not too keen on the rest. I'll leave you with this: the mind is a mysterious and wonderful thing. Just don't discount the power of psychosomatism!
  7. Vegas is super affordable overall. There is TREMENDOUS bang for buck here
  8. Update 45 hours a week (including time for lunch). 1/4 weekend call from 8a-12p only Gu with 1st asst, clinic, hospital coverage in rotation With base, call pay, pt satisfaction bonus, rvu bonus About $208-215k. (Not including benefits). In a state with no income tax 5+ years experience.
  9. Just found out that the company for our practice decided on PA bonuses. Up to 60k a year based on (1/5 of it) pt satisfaction, and the other RVU. They looked back over 2 years, and they tell us we should be able to obtain 100-110% of that whole bonus. They also decided on double pay if we want to work an extra weekend. No thanks, but thanks!
  10. Then they have to see the fibro, ic, restless leg..etc etc too
  11. I suggest working for malpractice attorneys doing chart reviews at that junction :)
  12. Please, for the love of baby Jesus, do not even try to join my profession..there's no room for you. You know you don't like it, drop the point. Don't care try to take a spot away from a bright, compassionate mind.
  13. https://www.berkshireeagle.com/stories/alan-chartock-i-publius-let-pharmacists-fill-void-left-by-doctor-shortage,550351 Paft shared on fb, I left my response there and emailed the publisher directly: Hi there Just got done reading your article on why pharmacists should prescribe. Pharmacists are not medical providers. They aren't trained in diagnosis and treatment of diseases and managing comorbid conditions. I don't want to perseverate the point. Secondly this comment is out of line and warrants a redaction: "Hey, if physician assistants and nurse practitioners can prescribe, it is nonsense not to give that right to pharmacists" PA, which I'm one, and NP go through the same length or longer schooling credit and year-wise as pharmacists do. The difference is PAs learn to be medical providers trained in the medical model, then graduate and continue to hone a craft in tandem with a more seasoned physician..eventually the PA catches up.. 5 + years (like a residency) and the PA-MD relationship often turns into more of a partnership. That comment was condescending, vile, rude, and completely off the mark. I'd love to hear an educated explanation why you think that was ok. It was presented nonchalantly and immaturely. You could even say it was "nonsense". Also, if the pharmacists want a bite out of my job, then they'll have to pay the sky high malpractice fees and open themselves to litigation just like we do. Oh, and they will probably have to go back to school for a few years and learn how to PRACTICE medicine. Cheers!
  14. delco714

    Looking for PAs to Shadow in Las Vegas, NV

    Yes, but I'll need a little while to settle into the job here first
  15. I don't do urology cme, I do general...you know, to not forget unused stuff, new protocols etc...

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