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  1. Try to line up ortho trauma as your first rotation.
  2. You may have a role to play in pathology, but I don't think it is looking in scopes.
  3. I've been there. It makes you feel bad to have an interview go that way. That said... I had a similar experience and eventually came across a employee of the organization that I felt a bit insulted by. This employee felt that the interviewer basically bottom feeds, looking for a doormat who will take the job. They hire doormats, low ball them, grind them into dust, and then they eventually move on if they can or become hopelessly indoctrinated in the system. You might have dodged a bullet.
  4. Why do a handful of you use this forum like a political toilet?
  5. You guys are great at coming to the middle ground when I call you out on it. What began as flatly denying that PA students work at all has become 10% of classes that don't forbid it. If you want to make the argument that working as a generalist directly with patients while in the process of becoming a provider is a negative, I will leave you to that opinion. Please, publish.
  6. I look forward to Rev's published study on why his decision to work PRN generated an inferior provider.
  7. Sorry, first hand knowledge here. Students can and do carry PRN jobs. Search the forum for your own examples or simply accept that the world is a big place. But please, let's keep this going by continuing to invent things that make for superior providers.
  8. C'mon. Plenty of PA students maintain PRN or part time work. So now they are inferior PAs because flipping between roles is hard for a reason you invented on the spot? Let's reign it in a bit. Or reverse it? High quality HCE generates superior PAs, before, during, and after school.
  9. I would inform them via typewritten letter of your decision to attend a different program and PS it with a brief description of how this situation impacted your decision. Programs swamped with applicants can easily take their popularity to indicate they can break, bend, or flaunt written or unwritten rules. They are rarely called out on their infractions, playing on desperate applicants.
  10. Free speech has nothing to do with how Carson has ever been treated. Please go begin a gofundme campaign to startup his supreme court case if you feel otherwise.
  11. I wish you were half as interested in discussing the post as you are dismissing it based on some fallacy of authority.
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