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  1. Not sure what else you want here.
  2. There's a sub forum specifically for that.
  3. ((A1xB1)+(A2xB2)+(A3xB3))÷(B1+B2+B3)= GPA where A equals grade points, and B equals semester credit hours. For example, 3 2 credit Bs and a 3 credit A would be: ((3×2)+(3×2)+(4×3))÷(2+2+3)= 3.43 However, I'm not doing your work for you. You're the one trying to get into grad school. Good luck.
  4. https://portal.caspaonline.org/caspaHelpPages/frequently-asked-questions/processing-your-application/grade-point-average-gpa-calculations/ Here's the page on caspa with the gpa values they assign. You can do the math yourself. If not, there are several online gpa calculators.
  5. I did the first one two years ago. I was told after I got in by one of the folks on the adcom that I was remembered and they were looking for my app. It's free and, anecdotaly, I highly recommend it.
  6. So, I'm a rock. I consider the witty banter in Spiderman comics to be literary excellence. I spent over 6 months on my essay and started from scratch, keeping only one or two sentences twice. I wrote, rewrote, revised and reviewed that damnable thing more than I can count. When I was happy, I gave to the editor of the university's journal, my faculty advisor and a professor in business writing I respected. They all chopped it and then I rewrote it again. Never gave it to family, close friends or anyone I shared a bed with. Never paid for services. Had a low GPA and am convinved my
  7. I'm thinking peripheral pulmonary artery stenosis as a kid that is rearing it's head again. But, tests aren't quite equaling it. Pulmonary angio? I am siding with jmj11 for the echo.
  8. From the CASPA website: "Essay Topic In the space provided write a brief statement expressing your motivation or desire to become a physician assistant." While you have the makings of a compelling essay, I'm not sure that, as is, it addresses the above topic sufficiently.
  9. Those would be providers, yes. But, when in doubt, ask the school. They're not trying to trick you or fool you.
  10. It's more about what's happening on a macroscopic/organ level scale at baseline and when abnormal. I have done no calculations at all outside of labs and pharm.
  11. Our school provides laptops with MS office, so I use Onenote since it's there and free. I print my ppt slides to it and can then highlight, write on screen, what have you. I'm a visual learner, and one thing I like is popping out on to the internet and copying a picture to import right next to the description of something (like eczema, for example). I can also rearrange the presentations how I like. I keep presentations together by unit, but will also organize courses together. So, I'll have a master notebook of every lecture in a unit, then I'll have duplicates of all, say pharm, together
  12. cop to pa

    VA Careers

    The VA has a PA society that is active.
  13. My wife is an RN who works 3p-3a 3x/wk. When she works, I go get my son from the babysitter by 3-3:30. If class is dine early that day, I stay and study. Regardless, after I get my kid, I don't study until after he goes to bed. When I'm home, I'm home. Days my other isn't working? I often stay at school till almost bed time. I go home, see my son for 30 or so minutes and put him to bed. I'm then done for the night, usually. Weekends my wife works: little study time. Weekends she doesn't work: we carve out time for family. Maybe half a day. Then I'm at school for a good chunk of
  14. Not sure what you're looking for here. I'm a first year. Didn't apply to Duke, so I can't help with a comparison. Wake accepted me and it's one of the best experiences of my life. But, I moved down here from Maryland with a wife and kid. The guy who teaches cadaver/a&p at wake is awesome. But, you'll only see him for your first month. To me, IBL is the sh*t and the very idea in sitting in lecture all week would now give me hives. Any specific questions, I'll answer what I can.
  15. I joined ODK my senior year as an app bump. It was a lifetime membership fee. Never came up in interviews, has offered no advantages or connections. Consider it a "want to" and not a "have to" or "should" for your app.
  16. Sorry, nope. Welcome to the site. Take a look at the HUNDREDS of posts similar to this, along with the threads on accepted student stats and compare yourself. You're low in one area and average elsewhere.
  17. Yes, that is why the program was started in Western NC. The curriculum is identical, but Boone students are better geographically positioned to provide care out that way. That being said, there is no requirement to stay out that way. Walk across thestage after 2 years at either campus, and go practice wherever you want.
  18. Sure. It varies. Hope that helps. Just kidding. It does vary quite a bit, though. Monday starts with a quiz, followed by IBL. IBL will be every Monday, Wednesday (10-12) and Friday (9-10:30) followed by wrap-up (10:30-12). The rest of the week varies a bit. Monday afternoon usually has at least one lecture. Tuesday and Thursday mornings will have lectures. You will have lab either Tuesday or Thursday afternoon and usually Wednesday afternoon as well. As far as times, there have been a few days that start as early as 8, but 9 is more typical, and 9:30/10 has happened a few times
  19. That's a tough spot to be in. There's one guy in boone who has a kid in charlotte and commutes most weekends. Another boone student (who was recently on beach front bargain hunt) has family on the outer Banks. I can't speak about movement off the wait list, that had more to do with other student's decisions than anything else, but several students commute across the state on a regular basis.
  20. Also, the American Academy of Family Practitioners has approaches to various disorders. They use algoriths but, more importantly, discuss the whys. And, its free. I will sometimes google, for example, "aafp, approach to dyspnea" and get this: http://www.aafp.org/afp/2003/1101/p1803.html
  21. I use the 5 minute clinical consults for both the algorithms and for the differentials during our case workups in school. But, it's more of a double check to make sure I'm not missing anything. The one I use is an edition or two old that I picked up used for about $20.
  22. Agreed. But the solution is not to clog up the site with repeat threads.
  23. Not only is this blatant advertising against the forum rules, but also goes after competition at the same time. Buy an ad on the site instead.
  24. Grades are good. How many HCE hours? >1000 is a bit vague. 30 hours is more than enough shadowing. Focus on work, grades, and a strong application essay.
  25. Your school will provide you with a cost of attendance. That includes the average living expenses for single students attending that program (rent, utilities, groceries, etc.) I'd contact the program for that and use that as a reference.
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