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  1. Bullying needs confrontation at the first instance. If not, behavior persists on the part of both parties. Immediate feedback to the bullying party at the time of is necessary. If this is well known behavior, then a trip to HR with well documented dates, times, witnesses and recall of the action should occur. If there is no action, then the canary is being ignored, time to surface. Good luck. George
  2. If concerned this is a NCCPA money grad, then have your employer pay the tab. Now all you have to do is prepare which is a worthwhile endeavor and likely what you are doing anyway. While one may perceive the CAQ as not necessary for current position, will the current position be the only gig till retire? A few hundred to set up future self is a small price to pay. As for recruiters, not particularly surprised that they do not know about the minutiae of our profession, they are more interested in finding a body that meets criteria for position and moving on to filling the next assignment.
  3. Do the Levitan course, money well spent. I will be taking it for the 2nd time this fall, well worth the time and the experience boosts confidence immensely. George
  4. PANRE is a numbers game and the numbers are in your favor. Bar set is very low with score of 400 to pass. Percent failing on a yearly basis is less than 10%. https://prodcmsstoragesa.blob.core.windows.net/uploads/files/PANREPassRates.pdf Very good odds. To improve the odds, work in FM, IM, EM. If in specialty, then revisit your knowledge base regularly. Cognitive science studies list several learning strategies leading to success, Retrieval Practice and Spaced Practice being the most worthwhile. http://www.learningscientists.org/downloadable-materials/ Purchase
  5. QUOTE: Sometimes if you want to do a rotation in a specific location (i.e "back home") you do have to find your own. Schools may provide sites but if you want a specific location or specialty, you're on your own - and I can't imagine that violates any standards. From ARC-PA standards: A1.11 The sponsoring institution must support the program in securing clinical sites and preceptors in sufficient numbers for program-required clinical practice experiences. A3.03 Students must not be required to provide or solicit clinical sites or preceptors. The program must coordinate clinic
  6. You are not supposed to solicit preceptors and sites for clinical rotations. That is the program and sponsoring institution’s responsibility. If your program is requiring students to obtain clinical rotations, they are violating ARC-PA standards. If you are doing this on your own, you are likely wasting precious time and energy that your tuition dollars are being spent for. George
  7. Pimping does not work unless the intent is to intimidate the pimpee. Unfortunately, pimping continues due to it's prevalence in days past and new preceptors only have their own prior experiences to direct future interactions. Pimping is nothing more than a skewed game of medical trivial pursuit, the pimper holds all the cards with the answers. Questions are specific bits of knowledge dependent upon recall, a lower learner function, instead of enabling a student to create and apply clinical reasoning. Sounds like the OP did not get his money worth from that rotation and may have been
  8. Cathy Best thing to do rather than be concerned about test bank performance is to review your PANCE report. Should have a clear delineation of how you did in specific topics and task areas. Major contributors are cardiovascular, pulmonology, GI, Women's health, EENT and musculoskeletal. Most likely diagnosis, H&P, diagnostic testing and pharmacology are the most important task areas. If you did poorly in those areas, focus questions and reading/studying in those areas. While test banks are good, none are specifically going to touch on every topic and task area. If the
  9. Speaking from the perspective of precepting students in an ED, initially not paid, now paid plus 2.5 yrs experience as clinical faculty placing students in the rotations. Pay for sites is a tsunami across the PA education landscape. Realize that savvy programs and sponsoring institutions have been anticipating this for years. Those outright refusing to pay for rotations are not embracing reality. Plus the truth is that someone, somewhere is getting some sort of reimbursement indirectly or directly for having a student. The biggest change is with the individual preceptor that the students
  10. If you are using a tracking board where comments can be entered, likely you can enter the same comment field and erase the DISPO comment. But that is counter passive aggressive. Avoiding jousting matches such as this enables career longevity. My personal practice is to stay on the move and update nurses on what I am doing for the patients, what my plans are, get their feedback, what I am waiting for, etc. Verbal communication beats the trackerboard every time. This kind of behavior also invites reflection. While the nursing staff may be passive aggressive, there is also the potential
  11. To clarify how faculty determine if a quiz or test question should be dropped or counted. The biserial correlation is determined, a common statistical measure. Exam software and learning management systems (eg. Canvas) may do this automatically for faculty to review. A simple explanation of biserial correlation is that a good question is one that high scoring students got correct and low scoring students got incorrect. A poor question is one where that correlation is absent, meaning both high and low scoring students either got the question incorrect or correct. There is also poor correlation
  12. Not going to directly refute the above suggestions. But HR and other parties that do hiring will ask the candidate what they are looking for concerning compensation based upon several reasons. 1. They use your expectation to determine if you are a serious hire for them. No sense pursuing you if your expectations vary widely from what they are prepared to provide. 2. They themselves have no idea what to pay because there is no precedent and you may establish that for them. 3. They already know what they will pay up to but are counting on the fact that most candidates will no
  13. Asking for a raise by email will get you nowhere. Face to face, know the players, know the landscape, have your numbers in mind, high and low and what you will settle for. A suggestion concerning preparation: Never split the difference: Negotiating as if your life depended on it Even if you aren't negotiating a salary, this is a good read on just interacting with people, particularly patients, whom I seem to be negotiating with in some form or other in nearly every encounter. Good luck George
  14. The OP asks questions that are difficult to answer and what others do is not always applicable to an individual situation. Stock and bond allocation has to take into account not only personal risk determination but also forward return expectations. While stocks have a long track record of inflation beating returns over a long time horizon, there have been plenty of instances during such a horizon that stocks were a sideways or even losing proposition. A better question to ask is what is a realistic expectation for the next 10 years when considering stock and bond returns? Can one wait out
  15. Deadline for the pilot is coming up, so no way to compare until questions start getting delivered to those participants. I assume those participating will be asked to not share knowledge of the questions. For those who have taken the test prior, that would have to be one sharp recall in order to provide comparison. The pilot is for the PANRE only, not the PANCE. The PANCE remains the same, go to testing center. The pilot is only for those recerting in 2019 and 2020. There is no guarantee that those recerting in 2021 will be able to participate or if the pilot will become the new real
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