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Alright guys, I just got invited to an interview in a couple weeks and I am so excited! Downside is I will be 35 weeks pregnant 🥴 My questions are:

1) How I can help the interviewers not worry about my ability to perform in PA school with a baby? I had my first baby during undergrad while working two jobs and I totally made it work. My husband is super supportive and I am confident we will be fine with the second baby too. I am just worried about being judged (even unintentionally) and don’t want my ginormous belly to ruin my chances of getting in haha

2) What the heck do I wear when I am that massive? 

Any advice is appreciated haha, thank you!

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Not me, but the cohort before mine had a late 3rd trimester woman interview and get accepted. I explained how I was told this during my interview & how it helped me pick that school- since I have 2 little ones(both born during undergrad) & was extremely nervous about being looked down upon for being a mom. They loved my story.


Being a mom shows you can multitask, have amazing time management skills, and are more mature than the average applicant. Don't worry about that. 


Also, check Lulu's, they have an amazing maternity section & you can always wear a dress with a blazer and flats and look great 🙂

Good luck to you! 



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